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This is an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife video taken on November 12, 2009. It shows at least 10 wolves in the Imnaha Wildlife Management Unit that the ODFW has been monitoring since June 2008.

Update February, 2010:

Three wolves in the Imnaha Pack of north eastern Oregon have been captured and fitted with radio collars. Collars were placed on the 115-pound alpha male, another adult male weighing 97 pounds and a 70-pound female pup. "The wolves were in good body condition and the capture went well," said Russ Morgan, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf coordinator. Morgan believes there are 10 wolves in the pack, including five pups. The pack’s alpha female migrated from Idaho and was previously fitted with a radio collar. Oregon wildlife officials are also tracking a pack in the Wenaha Wildlife Management Unit near Troy, Ore. The Imnaha and Wenaha packs are the only confirmed wolves in Oregon, but wildlife officials are continuing to look for more wolves and have found evidence of individual wolves dispersing in the state. Read more at Baker City Herald.


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