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Here's an excerpt from ODFW Recreation Reports Northeast Zone GRANDE RONDE, WALLOWA, IMNAHA RIVERS AND TRIBUTARIES: steelhead

A Nice Steelhead -Oregon Fish and Wildlife-

Steelhead fishing continues to be good and anglers are finding steelhead throughout most of the usual spring fishing areas in the Grande Ronde and Imnaha basins. Catch rates (hours per steelhead landed) in last week’s creel surveys were 8.9 for the lower Grande Ronde River, 3.8 for the Wallowa River Canyon, 3.4 for the Rondowa area, and 1.9 for the Imnaha River. Steelhead angling conditions will depend on weather and flow conditions and anglers should check river flows using the link below. Steelhead anglers have a new area to fish in the Imnaha River basin beginning Jan. 1, 2010. Big Sheep Creek from the Imnaha River upstream to the mouth of Little Sheep Creek is now open to steelhead angling. The reach is approximately three miles and includes approximately two miles of public access on land recently acquired by The Nature Conservancy.  Anglers should use location code 144 (Imnaha River) when recording catch from Big Sheep Creek on their harvest cards.  The bag limit on the lower Grande Ronde, Wallowa, and Imnaha Rivers and Big Sheep Creek is five adipose fin-clipped steelhead per day.


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  1. I have always had good luck fishing under the bridge in town. A couple of years ago, I came down to fish one morning and several kids where swinging off a rope tied under the bridge and swimming as young boys do. I went to the upper end of the pool, not expecting to have any luck, but I was agreeably surprised to catch a couple of nice trout. And then the fishing just died. Huh. A moment later, an otter swam by with a nice trout in his/her mouth. Oh! The pros are here.

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