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EMMETT, Idaho – An Idaho hunter who apparently didn’t realize his wolf tag was no longer valid shot and killed a collared male wolf from northeast Oregon’s Imnaha Pack.

The man was hunting for coyotes Jan. 2 when he spotted the wolf north of Emmett, near a cattle feedlot and winter calving area. His Idaho wolf tag was good only through 2011, however.

Mike Keckler, communications bureau chief for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said IDFG issued the hunter a warning over the incident “and that’s as far as it went.” He said the department stopped short of issuing a citation because the hunter received “incorrect information from a clerk from one of our vendor stores.”

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Former Imnaha Wolf Shot in Idaho — 3 Comments

  1. the only good wolf is a dead one they are make the ranchers suffer so mutch do to loss of calves its not even funny so all you peta lovers go the hell up or get the hell out of here.

    • Too bad adam is dumb as hell. This might have been a good debate. I have a handful of ranching buddies – and some of them hate the wolves some of them find ways to live with them. Usually when you get as heated as adam its because you know your wrong. F peta and extremists out there on both sides. if you don’t use your head and make good decisions then to hell with you. Im an avid sportsman and I can say this: that idaho hunter is giving everyone a bad name and insuring that we will not be able to hunt these critters in the future. If you don’t know your dates and regs you shouldn’t be allowed out there. Most poachers are smarter than adam and the “Idaho Redneck” or whatever the hell you would like to call him.

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