Freezeout School.

Old Freezeout School on upper Imnaha River. Taken in 2013.

Freezeout School circa 1919

Freezeout School circa 1919

1-Imnaha SchoolEarly Imnaha one room school-house with student’s horses waiting outside.
2-Imnaha SchoolSame school with a new roof, fresh coat of paint, and a new fence around it.
1933 LaNita & Jimmy Loftus at old school houseImnaha school in 1933 whith an addition on the front and a bell tower. LaNita Warnock (standing) and Sam Loftus (sitting).
1935 LaNita WarnockLanita Warnock in school in 1935
Alice Christy SchoolAlice Christy’s School
1952 Gail At Imnaha SchoolGail Teel 1952
1952 Old School house & Orla Mae1952 Orla Mae Teel
1952 Graduation at Imnaha1952 Graduation  at Imnaha School
1954-Imnaha School1954-Imnaha School
1955-56 Imnaha School1955-56 Imnaha School
1956 Children of Imnaha-Picnic1956 Imnaha School Picnic at Wallowa Lake
Cressie's SchoolCressie’s School (new Imnaha one room school)
1957 Imnaha School1957  Imnaha one room school.
1960's School with 14 pupils1960’s School with 14 pupils.
1963 - Imnaha School Sept1963 Imnaha School Students
1966-The Bridge School1966-The Bridge School (Imnaha school) Students
1980's Imnaha School1980’s Imnaha School. It doubled in size 1n the mid 1960’s when a second room was added.

If you have any additional information about the schools, teachers or students please add comment.


Imnaha Schools — 6 Comments

  1. 1960-61 7th grade, my classroom (other grades were there also) was the porch of the new one room school which made it a two room school. The large addition was added that summer and 8th grade was in the new addition and the porch classroom was restored to a porch. Yes, that porch was small! Our teacher had to turn sideways to walk to the front of the class and she threw stuff at those who weren’t paying attention. She was a professional softball player also. The teacher’s desk was at the back of the “class room”; chalk board on the “front wall” … map of the world on the ceiling. Thanks, Janine (Freels) Caudle, for helping jog my memory! 🙂

  2. I went to the Imnaha school back in 1978-79. We had Mr. Finch as one of the teachers and His Daughter Brenda her two girls, Chemae and Tiffany; Joe and Dan Warnock; Jeff and Ryan Thornton; Julie Borgeding; Debbie Davis; Vicki Scott; my brother Orlan Gould, Mike Jones not sure about the younger ones back then. I believe there was 15 in the school in 78.

  3. How fun to see and recognize some of the faces in these pictures. Thanks for setting up this site.

  4. Hi, I’m with Oregon Public Broadcasting and we’re working on a series called “On the Road” in which we visit small towns throughout Oregon and feature interesting people and things about these small towns for our listening audience. We are going to be on the road from Enterprise to Joseph and will definitely be looking at extending our travel to Imnaha. I’d love to have a chance to talk with someone further about this show and the possibility of coming to Imnaha. I can be reached via my email at Thanks for any information you can give me! My best! Lee Anne
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    Oregon Public Broadcasting, Think Out Loud
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