Pallette Place

The Pallette Place

In 1946, convinced that there was going to be a “world blow-up” by atom bombs, the famous actor Eugine Pallette received considerable publicity when he set up and moved to a “mountain fortress” on a 3,500 acre ranch on upper Imnaha river, as a hideaway from universal catastrophe. The “fortress” reportedly was stocked with a sizable herd of prize cattle, enormous supplies of food, and had its own canning plant and lumber mill. It is said the fortress was equipped with howitzer and there was a plan to blow up the road at the “Narrows” when the time came to halt any incoming hordes.

Frequently visited by actor friends like Clark Gable, Pallette enjoyed fishing and other such relaxing activity awaiting the end of the world that never happened.

When the apocalypse failed to materialize after two years, he began disposing of the Oregon ranch and returned to Los Angeles and his movie colony friends but, after working steadily from 1913 to 1946, never appeared in another movie.

Eugene Pallette died at age 65 in 1954 from throat cancer at his apartment, 10835 Wilshire Boulevard, in Los Angeles.