In the upper Imnaha river canyon was the district known as The Park. It included the farms of Albert Morgan, James Esten, Lee Butler, S. C. Himelwright, Murat Blevans, Joe Shinn, Drury Davis, Ralph Barton, Lester Neil and F. K. Winston and the ranches of W. G. Beith, “Buck’ Wilson, Thomas Marks and others on the road down to the Bridge.


Built about 1830, this picturesque ruin with its great stone fireplace stood on the Albert Morgan ranch on the Imnaha.  It was on the place when Mr. Morgan bought the homestead relinquishment of William Himelwright in 1888. A year or two before that, two families spent the winter under the shelter of the old cabin.  Mr. Morgan occupied it for three years during his bachelor days, but built a real house after he married.

The Morgan house in the 1930's.

The Morgan house in the 1930’s.


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