Lanita’s Early Days



Grandpa- Warnock-Grandma Warnock-Me- Grandma Maxwell- Grandad Maxwell. At Butte Creek Warnock Ranch.



LaNita on a blanket all by herself. About 4 months old. Must be on Red Hill we went on picnics there in July. It is off the Crow Creek Road just before you hit Joseph Creek and go up into the mountains.



Old Bummer protecting LaNita. It is winter on Butte Creek Warnock Ranch.



This is my beautiful yellow tiger cat Rusty. I jabbered about Rusty to everyone so they all asked me about Rusty. This picture was taken behind the postoffice in the yard of the store apartment.



Jack and I were best freinds until I got too bossy. This was taken in front of our house at Imnaha.



This is the daughter of my Granddad Maxwell’s brother Jeremiah Leavitt Maxwell. She is only 9 months older than me. We are in the west yard in front of our house.



Sometime between 1930-33. This is our derrick horse until he got ringbone. Grandda put him out to pasture. He was part of a logging team. Sneeze was white. We never used them together.



This is myself and my dog Lucky. I have no idea where this was taken but it is on a hill.



Old Dick is saying what are you doing? In 1935 I started driving teams and drove Dick and then Sneeze Dick’s team mate and then Jack and Jerry together on the derrick. It took 2 to replace Dick or Sneeze. In 1941 we got a tractor to replace the old horses.



LaNita and Sam Loftus in the shallow end of the swimming hole. The deepest part of the river was behind the garage. The younger kids stayed in the shallows until they could swim.



LaNita with a bucket full of kittens. Imnaha on the front steps of our house.



Slats was the horse my cousins Mildred and Lee Doris Warnock rode four miles to go to school at the Bridge. This was taken up the hill in front of our house and the store.



Slats and me in front of our house. It must be 1934.



About 1933. I was a little scared of the wild cat even if it was dead. Taken in the garage at Butte Creek Warnock Ranch.



The Imnaha Bridge School-OR#11. My dad went to school here. I went to school here and all my children went here except my youngest Dawn. That is me in the white dress.



LaNita and Janis. Janis about 6months old riding in my doll buggy. In front of our house.



Janis and LaNita 1935 after we moved from Butte Creek to Crow Creek. A move of 5 miles. I drove a team with the mowing machine the 5 miles.



Another of us. On Crow Creek.



This is our dog Tiger Lily and Imnaha kids about 1938.



Birthday Party April 20 1940. Jack wasn’t there he was either in high school or had other obligations.
In this photo: Leland Duckett, Marvin Maxwell, Janis Warnock, LaNita, Myrtha Poulson



MucCully was a Joseph resident who carried the mail. We are on the store porch. The postoffice is just east of us and the old dance hall shows to the north on the river bank.



Here Janis and I are in a boat on the old swimming hole.



In 1935 when we moved to the ranch on Crow Creek Jack the bay horse Granddad was going to let me ride fell with me so granddad got me this old camp horse from Kenneth Johnson. He was a jewel we camped out turned him loose and he never strayed from camp. He would haul anything and loads of kids.



Me and Janis on Janis’ first day of school.



This is our migration to the Oregon Territory game. Only we ar using an Indian blanket instead of white canvas. The ranch house in the back ground is on Crow Creek still owed by Mack Berkmier I think. Sold by my mother to his father.



This is my family taken on the Imnaha Warnock Ranch. There is fruit on the trees as there is a ladder and poles to hold the branches up.



The three kids are cousins. Taken on our west lawn in front of our house.



1942 Freshman year for me. Fifth grade for Janis. We are in the driveway just off the kitchen of the Enterprise Warnock house. It is now The Enterprise House Bed and Breakfast. It has nothing that I can recognize now.



This is my mother a few days after coming home from having Janis.


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