Part of a series of interviews done by the Imnaha School Kids in 1987.

Q. How long have you lived in this area?
A. I first moved to Imnaha in 1927, when I was 21 years old. My sister was teaching at the Park school and she told me of a job on a ranch down here. One year later I bought this 69 acre place from “Rat” Blevins. Then I went to the army and worked in California for the next 20 years.

Q. When did your family come here?
A. My parents Homesteaded in Wallowa County, south of Joseph, in 1883. I was born in their log cabin in 1906.

Q. What do you like about living at Imnaha?
A. I have quite a bit of freedom and I enjoy seeing the wild game.

Q. What was life like then?
A. Honest work.

Q. What was farming like?
A. Everyone used horse drawn plows, drills, harrows, etc., to do their work.

Q. What changes have taken place since then?
A. Many average size farms are put together to make big ranches.

Q. What changes affected you the most?
A. Going to war.

Q. What changes do you think will come to this community in the near future?
A. I don’t know, but I fear some.

Q. What schools then?
A. They had a good school in three places, kids rode horses or walked.

Q. What subjects did you study in school?
A. The 3 R’s — and in the 7th grade, Civil Government.

Q. Where did your family get it’s food?
A. They raised most of it.

Q. What did you do for fun when you were little?
A. Coasted in winter.

Q. Are there any other interesting facts about this area or time that you would like to share?
A. I remember the people on the homesteads during my early years here from Gumboot Creek down the river to where Garnett’s now live:
Neimans, Puderbaughts, Buttlers, Keener, Landers, Longley, Shevlin, Blevins, Estes, Horner, Mathews, Denny, Charles Marks, Joe Marks, Ira Marks, Buck Wilson, Ross Lesslie, Charlie Warnock, Jake Marks, Morgan, Crader, Earl Warnock, Haunes, and Christensons. On the Garnet place lived the Bartons, Shevlins, Blevins and Neals.

(Note: Jay had much more information, but as we did not have a tape recorder with us, we could not put it down factually. He traveled with us part of our Homestead Field Trip and really helped us learn more. We thank him.)


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