Thanks to William Du Bois Jr. of Mooresville, Morgan County, Ind.

Indiana to Kansas, Oregon and Beyond: Tracing Warnocks From Jay County

Soon after the Civil War ended, two brothers named Warnock left the Hoosier State to homestead in Kansas.

The oldest, Levi Kitridge Warnock (1823-1908), probably was partially retracing the overland route he used as a Forty-Niner seeking riches in the California gold fields. His brother, William Perry Warnock (1824-1869), may have decided to “go west…and grow up with the country” after hearing his older brother’s descriptions of the western states and territories.

Levi Warnock was destined to be a Jayhawker for the rest of his life. William Warnock was destined for an early death and most of his descendants would complete their westward odyssey in northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains a dozen years later. In some ways, the saga of the brothers and their families is typical of the period when Americans pushed the nation’s western frontier to the Pacific Ocean.

Levi and William Warnock both were born in Gallia County, Ohio — Levi on Jan. 21, 1823, and William in the following year. They were the oldest of nine children of Francis Warnock (1801-1883) and Sarah Cline (1797-1886), who were married in Gallia County on Dec. 20, 1821, and were early settlers in Jay County, situated in northeastern Indiana next to the Ohio border and Mercer County, Ohio. One of the American Indians’ greatest triumphs over the white man took place at Fort Recovery, a few miles from the place in Jay County where Francis and Sarah (Cline) Warnock settled in 1838, two years after the county was organized.

Born in old Bedford County, Va., Francis Warnock was the son of Robert and Nancy (Halley or Haile) Warnock. Born in Hardy Co., Va. (later W. Va.), Sarah Cline was the daughter of William Cline (1746-1853), a Revolutionary War soldier. When 100 years old, Cline homesteaded for the last time in Jay County, Ind. In his remarkable 107-year life span, he migrated from his native New Jersey to Maryland, to old Bedford County (Pa.), to the parts of western Virginia that ultimately became Hardy and Ritchie counties, W. Va., to Gallia County, Ohio, and finally to Jay County, Ind. Sarah Warnock was one of his 11 children by his first wife, Susannah Lance (about 1762-about 1823). Cline also had seven children by his second wife, Jane Woten (1801-1862), the last one a son destined to die in the Civil War. That son was born when William Cline was nearly 95 years old.

The Clines enjoyed unusual health and longevity. Cline’s brother, John, who lived out his life in Bedford County, also lived past 100. Of William Cline’s children by Susannah Lance, Mary (Cline) Rawson Ross lived past 100 in Gallia County, Ohio; Margaret (Cline) Cunningham to nearly 96 in Jay County, Ind.; Abram Cline to nearly 95 in Boone County, Iowa; Anna Maria (Cline) Wigner to 90 in Gallia County, and Sarah (Cline) Warnock to 89 in Jay County, Ind. In pioneer times, these were unusually long lives. Elizabeth (Cline) Waggoner Hutchens was “only” 70 at death. William Cline Jr.’s life was cut short when he drowned in western Virginia in 1830. A son named for William Cline’s father, Conrad, died young and three other children died in infancy.

William Cline’s seven children by Jane Woten were not nearly so long lived. However, the youngest daughter, Lydia Ann (Cline) Simmons (1836-1923), was 87 when she died in Jay County. She was the last of William Cline’s children and their combined span of life is an astonishing 177 years (1746 to 1923). The three-generation life span from the year of William Cline’s birth (1746) to the year of death of his last grandchild (Joe Cline, 1877-1971, son of Alexander Henderson Cline, 1832-1885, and Lucinda Davis Pinney, 1837-1920) is an eye-popping 225 years.

By the time their sons went west, Francis and Sarah Warnock were well established residents of Noble Township, Jay County, Ind. Their other children included Margaret Warnock (1825-1866), who married William Iredell Stone (1829-1897) and gave birth to 15 children before her early death; Frankey Warnock (1827-1914), who married Francis Scott (1824-1859); Joseph Warnock (1829-1914), who married Catherine Osenbaugh (1833-1922); Sanford Holly Warnock (1832-1914), wh o married Mary Jane McDaniel (1805-1888); Joshua Warnock (1834-1851); Oliver Perry Warnock (1837-1907), who married Mary L. Denney (1835-1906), and Abraham Cline Warnock (1841-1894), who married Elizabeth W. A. Denney (1837-1880) and Christena (Grile) Fetter (1841-1918). For the most part, these children remained in the vicinity of Jay County and Warnock descendants still can be found in Jay County today.

Levi Warnock already had demonstrated an adventurous spirit and more than a small amount of irresponsibility well before leaving for Kansas. He was in Portland, the Jay County seat, when news of the California gold strike reached there. The family tradition is that he immediately left for California without saying farewell to his wife, children, parents or siblings. (His obituary plainly says he “got gold fever.”) The 1850 census confirms that he was elsewhere, since his wife and family then were living with Levi’s parents in Noble Township, Jay County. The 1860 census of that township shows Levi Warnock as a bricklayer, so it’s reasonable to infer that he did not strike it rich.

Warnock’s wife was Susan Priscilla Jones (1828-1887), whom he married in Jay County on June 8, 1843. Born on April 9, 1828, in Steuben County, N.Y., she was the daughter of Robert Leetus Hooper Jones and his wife, Jane Crawford. They had 12 children, the first 11 born in Jay County and the last one in Dickinson County, Kan.

By the time the Warnock families headed west, William Warnock had been married for a decade and a half to Nancy Anderson (1829-1883), born in Ohio on Aug. 1, 1829, and the daughter of David and Jane (Scott) Anderson. Warnock first married Mary Celinda Adney (1827-1850), born on Jan. 7, 1827, and the daughter of Daniel Adney Jr. and his wife, Ann, whose maiden name also was Adney. Celinda Warnock died in Jay County on Jan. 10, 1850, and was buried in an Adney family cemetery near Fort Recovery, Ohio. In Mercer County, Ohio, on June 5, 1851, Warnock then married Nancy Anderson. He had a son and a daughter by his first wife and nine children by his second spouse, all but the last two born in Jay County.

Documents in a National Archives and Records Service file related to Levi’s oldest son, Francis Marion Warnock, who died in the Civil War, place his father in Jay County on June 25, 1865. (The file exists because Levi Warnock applied for allowances and benefits available to deceased soldiers’ survivors.) Later that same year, Levi Warnock was in Kansas.

William Warnock probably did not arrive in Kansas until 1866. Family information indicates his next-to-last child, a son named after the father, was born in Dickinson County on Nov. 6, 1866. The brothers may not have immediately settled in Dickinson County, since the Francis Marion Warnock pension file places them at Ogden, Riley County, Kan., in 1867. However, it’s possible they had to go there to execute the pension affidavits.

Based on Levi Warnock’s obituary (Topeka Capital, Sept. 14, 1908), he spent part of 1866 and 1867 killing buffalo to feed workers building a Union Pacific Railroad branch line. The late Cline William Warnock of Bucyrus, Ohio, learned that Levi was a “subcontractor” for William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who had a contract to supply meat to UP construction crews. The 18th Cava lry Regiment protected railroad construction crews from hostile Indians, Cline Warnock says, but Warnock probably had no such protection. His obituary says he killed 648 buffalo to feed the always hungry workers.

After their families joined them, the Warnock brothers homesteaded in different Dickinson County townships. One of William’s descendants indicates they “built dugouts…into the side of a hill” that then were “walled up with rock.” These crude shelters satisfied Homestead Act requirements that families live on and cultivate their 160-acre tracts for 14 months to earn title to the land and temporarily housed the two larg e families.

Levi and Susan (Jones) Warnock lived out their lives in Dickinson County. An expert trapper and fisherman, he was a justice of the peace for 30 years and “never had a case reversed,” his obituary says. Susan Warnock died in Dickinson County on Jan. 8, 1886, and Warnock died there on Sept. 14, 1908.

For William Warnock’s family, Kansas became a tragedy because he drowned in Chapman Creek on June 24, 1869. The Junction City Weekly Union (July 13, 1869) reports that, while “endeavoring to drive some stock from the bottom lands (along Chapman Creek) to the bluff”…so rapid and unexpected was the current that before he (Warnock) reached the bluffs, he was hemmed in on all sides and in attempting to swim across a ravine was drowned.” He was buried in Greenridge Cemetery near Chapman, north east of Abilene, Kansas. His was first body buried there and the land was part of his claim. Nancy Warnock and her brother-in-law, Levi, administered Warnock’s estate. His death left her with sole responsibility for nine children, the oldest 17 and the youngest just one year of age. A Wallowa County (Ore.) history indicates that this period was exceptionally difficult for the family, saying that:

(After Warnock’s death, his widow) with the children moved from their homestead to Abilene. To support the family, she took in boarders, some being riders who had driven cattle from Texas along the Chisholm Trail to the railroad (head) at Abilene. The older boys herded cattle and gathered buffalo bones, selling them for $3.50 a ton.

In Dickinson Co., Kan., on Sept. 26, 1874, more than five years after Warnock’s death, Nancy (Anderson) Warnock married 2) Jonathan Armantrout, born in 1846 in Champaign County, Ohio, and the son of James and Sarah Armantrout. The Wallowa County history says the family “spent the next few years on the stepfather’s homestead.” The history adds that:

In May 1879, with three covered wagons, a few saddle horses and a little money, the family joined a 90-wagon emigrant train to Oregon. (A Wallowa County history’s biography of Daniel Welbaum Warnock, one of William and Nancy Warnock’s sons, says that he and his brothers “walked most of the way, killing game for food.”) They arrived Aug. 12 near the present site of Joseph, where the oldest son Tom (Joseph Thomas Warnock), having come to the Wallowa country the previous year, had laid a foundation and filed a claim. The first winter was spent on the John Boner place on Hurricane Creek. The boys split 10-foot rails that they traded for cattle or sold for one and one-half cents each… (The 1880 census for Silver Creek Township, Union County, Ore., which later became part of Wallowa County, shows Jonathan and Nancy Armantrout with a household of 20 people, including all of her children by William Warnock, her second husband and her brother, David Armantrout.) In the spring, the family moved to Alkali Flat, where Enterprise would be later located. That fall, the family located on Crow Creek, where, for the next two years, they milked 87 cows, (and) made butter with a water powered dash churn, 60 pounds at a time, and hauled it to Baker, Pendleton and Walla Walla, selling a two-pound roll for 35 cents.

All the mentioned locations are in present-day Wallowa County, Oregon’s northeasternmost county and one of the most beautiful places in the mountainous west. Wallowa County’s northern boundary abuts Washington and the Snake River, which defines the county’s eastern boundary, runs through Hell’s Canyon there. The rugged Wallowa Mountains dominate the landscape. Wallowa County materials on the Oregon American History and Genealogy Project website add this information about the Warnocks:

About the year 1882, Alex and Bob Warnock came to Temperance Creek (in Wallowa County) to develop some mining claims and to start in the cattle business at the same time. It is not known whether they were the discoverers of the mining claims or not, but they established ownership of the claims either by discovery, purchase, or by legal filings on abandoned claims. Their first mining venture was to placer on Hominy Bar (latitude:  45°32’44.58″N, longitude: 116°31’33.51″W) which they did by ditching water out of Hominy Creek. It was here that Alex Warnock, cooking a kettle of hominy on a campfire, had the misfortune of upsetting the kettle and spilling the precious food at a time when food supplies were low. The name Hominy Creek and Hominy Bar derive from that incident.

When the Warnocks were packing in the last load of supplies from Joseph, Ore., for their first winter on Snake River, it was their misfortune to roll a packhorse on a particularly hazardous section of trail. All of their supply of bottled liquor was on this animal and everything broke as the packhorse rolled to its destruction, including the horse’s neck, the packsaddle, and all of the bottles. Bob Warnock remarked, “Well, Alex, whether we like it or not, our winter camp will be a temperate camp.” Other miners on the river referred to the Warnock camp as the temperate camp. Then the creek came to be called Temperance Creek.

Around the turn of the century, mining fever was at a high pitch in Hells Canyon. During this time, several tunnels were dug around the Temperance Creek Ranchheadquarters to explore veins of promising ore, but nothing much of value was found.

Temperance Creek Ranch

Temperance Creek Ranch as it looks today.

Dan and Richard Warnock came in to join their brothers in the cattle business in the early 90s and Billy (William Perry Jr.), another brother, divided his time between the Temperance Creek Ranch and a ranch he had on the Imnaha (River).

Richard Warnock took a homestead three miles up Temperance Creek, which later came to be known as the Wisenor Place. Beside their Snake River holdings, the Warnocks acquired land on the Imnaha, on Fence Creek and on the Chesniminus. They drove most of their cattle out of the Chesnimnus Country for summer range but some of them were grazed on the divide at the head of Temperance Creek. In the fall, they brought most of the Chesniminus herd back to winter on Snake River, but part of the herd was taken to Billy’s place on the Imnaha for winter pasture. They (the Warnocks) had control of all of the Snake River range on the Oregon side of the river between Mike Thomason’s range at Pittsburg to and including Saddle Creek.

The Warnocks increased their herds rapidly and soon had well over 1,000 head of cows. Then came the severe winter of 1886-87. Snow lay on the ground all along the benches two feet deep for over two months. Many of the cattle starved and many slid off of the steep slopes. When spring came, the Warnocks considered themselves lucky to have 600 head of lean, skinny cows left. It wasn’t easy. Every cow saved represented hours of work riding slick trails, putting cattle up on steep, rocky, south slopes where the sun melted the snow. Their saddle horses suffered, too, for there was not enough hay.

Alex said next spring, “We could hang our hats on the hip bones of our saddle horses and each of us boys cut off about six inches from the ends of our belts.” It was after that winter that the Warnocks decided to build a good irrigation system and farm the bar south of the mouth of Temperance Creek to raise as much hay as possible. The herds were soon built back up to about 1,000 cows and this number was maintained for the Snake River range. In 1889, the Marks family put cattle on Sluice Creek and cut in on the vast range controlled by the Warnocks. Others came in during the late 90s and early 1900s until the type of operation to which the Warnocks were accustomed could no longer be maintained.

The last big drive out (over Freezeout Saddle, down to the mouth of Freezeout Creek, past the Marks place, and down the Imnaha along the benches to Fence Creek and up that creek and over to the Chesnimnus Country) took place in early June, 1901. The fall drive, as usual, was down Corral Creek, across the Imnaha to Cow Creek, then, via the Fingerboard Trail, (along) Tyron Creek to Snake River. It then was only a short distance across Mike Thomason’s range to the home range.

The spring cattle drives from Hells Canyon to the Chesniminus Country were remarkable in several ways. First, there was the large number of cattle being driven through unusually rugged country. Second, supplies had to be carried by packhorses. Third, the job was done entirely by the Warnocks. And, finally, the angel of the outfit, the arbiter of disputes and the promoter of high morale, was Ellen Warnock, wife of Alex. Ellen was, to say the least, an unusually attractive and gifted woman, the darling of the outfit and Alex’s pride and joy. She was an excellent horsewoman, and her husband Alex had provided her with a magnificent horse that was known and admired throughout Wallowa County. Ellen rode Black Hawk sidesaddle. The trails were never too long or too rough for Ellen and Black Hawk.

During the time the Warnocks were at Temperance Creek, they constructed a large irrigation ditch well over a mile long and some of it cut through solid rock. Approximately 90 acres of land is under irrigation from this ditch, which is still in regular use. Some placering (for gold) was done along the edge of the bar, using water from the ditch, but this did not prove to be profitable…

Finally, in 1904, the Warnocks sold their Temperance Creek Ranch and their Hells Canyon range rights to a man from Camas Prairie, Idaho, named Wyatt. The Warnocks divided their other holdings among the individual brothers and so ended one of the largest cattle operations in the history of Wallowa County.

Temperance Creek Ranch was purchased by Kenneth Johnson in the 1930s and operated as a sheep ranch by Kenneth and later his son, Greg, until the late 1970s. It is now home to Hells Canyon Packers .

Nancy Anderson died in Wallowa County on Aug. 13, 1883. Her sons then divided their cattle and operated independently. Their ranches became large operations, with more than 1,000 head. In the spring, the Warnocks worked together on cattle drives through the Wallowa Mountain country to summer pastures and market. These drives ended in 1901.

In little more than a decade, members of the two Warnock families thus moved from Jay Co., Ind., to Kansas, the mountain region of northeastern Oregon, and beyond. Children of Levi Kitridge and William Perry Warnock quickly dispersed over several states, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, North Dakota and Utah. The following information illustrates this dispersion:

Children and Grandchildren of Levi Kitridge Warnock and Susan Priscilla Jones

i. FRANCIS MARION WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born in 1844 in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died on April 5, 1865, just before the Civil War ended. When fatally injured, he was carrying ammunition to skirmishers in the battle at Fort Blakeley, Baldwin Co., Ala. Earlier, at Mumfordsville, Ky., he was captured by Confederate forces, and held prisoner until paroled. He recuperated in a Union Army hospital before returning to active duty. Warnock is buried in the Mobile (Ala.) Memorial Cemetery.

ii. SARAH JANE WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Sept. 28, 1845, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died Nov. 16, 1919, in Chapman Twp., Ottawa Co., Kan. She married John J. Burgman Jan. 20, 1866, in Jay Co., Ind., son of David and Rebecca Bergman, pioneer settlers in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind. (The Kansas Burgmans spelled their name with a “u,” and still do. Bergmans in Jay County used an “e,” and still do.) Burgman was born May 8, 1842, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died March 31, 1922, in Ottawa Co., Kan. Issue:

FRANCES AUGUSTA BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Feb. 13, 1867, Ottawa County, Kan.; married April 1, 1883, Melville, Kan., Murray E. Randall (1835-1909), born June 15, 1835. In the Civil War, Randall served in Co. C, 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment. He died April 13, 1909, Ottawa County. His widow died April 23, 1950, Port Angeles, Wash. They are buried in Mt. Liberty Cemetery near Oak Hill, Ottawa County. Their children were Nora Randall, who married Carl Gustafson, and Murray F. Randall, who married Hilda K. Kratzer.

ORIN DAVID BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born April 26, 1868, Ottawa County; married Dec. 24, 1891, Minneapolis, Kan., Ruth Rebecca Fleming (1873-1960), born May 11, 1873, daughter of James Boyd Fleming (1838-1927) and Elizabeth Calhoun (1837-1925); resided Port Angeles, Wash. Burgman died July 9, 1956, Port Angeles; his widow died April 16, 1960. Their children were Vera Burgman, who married Thomas P. Window; Verne Burgman, and Vernice Burgman, who married Joe Door and ____ Wolf.

ARTHUR R. BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born May 11, 1870, Industry, Ottawa County, Kan.; married March 1, 1892, Ottawa County, Lucy Edith Panton, born March 1, 1873, Junction City, Geary County, Kan., daughter of Matthew Henry and Emily Barton (Gordon) Panton. The Burgmans resided at Industry, Kan.; Pawnee, Okla.; LaPlata Co. and Colorado Springs, Colo., and Locke, Cayuga County, N.Y. They moved to Oklahoma in 1894, to Colorado in 1913 and to New York in 1918 or 1919 . In Oklahoma, Burgman was an orchardist. He died June 16, 1962, East Genoa, Locke County, N.Y . His ashes were spread on the Burgman farm in Ottawa County, Kan. Lucy (Panton) Burgman died at Auburn, Cayuga County, N.Y., on Sept. 25, 1956, and is buried at Genoa, N.Y. Their children were Martha Eurina Burgman, who married Harold LeRoy Gilliland; Emily Mae Burgman, who married Eugene Van Zant; Sarah Jane Burgman, who married Fred A. Bothwell; John Quincy Burgman, who married Helen Clegg Huntoon; Walter Guy Burgman, who died at age 19, and Lloyd Russell Burgman, who died before reaching his second birthday.

AMON PERRY BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Oct. 17, 1872, Ottawa County, Kan.; married, 1903, Rose B. Smith, born July 20, 1874, and the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Dunable) Smith; resided Chapman, Ottawa County. He died at Chapman on Dec. 28, 1939. His widow died at Abilene on Sept. 15, 1972. Their only child, Clifford I. Burgman, married Florence Vera Alderson.

NEVADA BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 1, 1874, Ottawa County, Kan.; married Walter Smith. They resided in the vicinity of Oak Hill, Ottawa County, Kan. Vada Smith died Jan. 6, 1958. Their children were Glen Smith, who died young, and Anna G. Smith, who married Howard Morley.

VAL GRANDVILLE BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 14, 1877, Ottawa County; married 1) May 4, 1904, Amney Coreene (Corrie) Collier, born May 16, 1881, Platt, Mo., daughter of Robert Simeon and Margaret Angiline (Fulton) Collier. She died Feb. 9, 1971, and is buried at Hydro, Blaine County, Okla.. Burgman possibly m. 2) Kathleen Maxine Meyer, daughter of Richard and Lillian (Rux) Meyer. He resided at Hydro, where he died Feb. 29, 1968. His children, both by his first wife, were Bessie Belle Burgman, who married Grandville William Elam, and Virgil G. Burgman, who married Della Grace Rowland.

RUTH ANNE BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Aug. 16, 1879, Ottawa County, Kan.; married April 14, 1897, Minneapolis, Kan., Willard B. Snodgrass, born in Ohio about 1868. They resided at Lincoln, Kan., where he died in 1951 and she died Dec. 16, 1952. Their only child was John Snodgrass.

RICHARD F. BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born March 31, 1882, Ottawa County; married March 13, 1910, Lamar, Kan., Maude Alena Mitchell (1887-1951). They resided in Chapman Township, Ottawa County. He d. July 4, 1935, Morganville, Ottawa County, Kan., and is bur. with his wif e in Mt. Liberty Cemetery near Oak Hill, Kan. Th eir children were Wilma Lavona Burgman, who lived less than a month; Fay Esther Burgman, who died in childhood; Harley Burgman, who married Katherine Trowbridge; Helen C. Burgman, who married Miles Fisher and John Mitch, and Perry Burgman, who married Helen Emperor.

DOVIE ELLEN BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born June 30, 1884, Ottawa County; married John William Crane, born 27 June 27, 1885, Mi ltonville, Kan., son of John and Emily (Lyne) Crane. Dovie Crane died Nov. 6, 1964, Greenwood County, Kan. Crane died there Jan. 3, 1980. Their children were Cecil Clyde Crane, who married Gladys Marie Mentzer; Winifred Emily Crane, who married Murl (or Merl) Ludlam; Ralph Maurice Crane, who married 1) Irene Delores Pike and 2) Adiline Louisa (Dena) Troxel; Dale Ellis Crane, who married Virginia Lee Wilson; Clarice Hazel Crane, who died in her early teens; Max William Crane, who married Helen Nichols, and Joyce Irene Crane, who married Joseph John Posch.

OTIS BRUCE BURGMAN (Sarah3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 17, 1886, Ottawa County; married March, 1907, Myrtle M. Vinzant (1888-1965). They resided at Severy, Kan. Burgman died there Jan. 29, 1967. He and his wife are buried in Mt. Liberty Cemetery, Oak Hill, Kan. Their children are Florence Arlone Burgman, who married H. Ralph DeWitt; Charles LeRoy Burgman, who died at birth, and Barbara Jean Burgman, who married Virgil Jay.

iii. MARGARET WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1), twin of Sarah Jane Warnock, was born Sept. 28, 1845, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and probably died in infancy.

iv. LUCY ANN WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born May 13 or 14, 1849, probably in Jay Co., Ind., although her obituary says “Honeyton (Huntington) Co., Ind.,” and died on Feb. 21, 1923, in Dickinson Co., Kan. On Oct. 21, 1869, at Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kan., she married Purlay Shry, son of Jacob Shry and his wife De borah, maiden name unknown. Shry was born Jan. 2, 1841 or 1842, in Meigs Co., Ohio, and died May 25, 1926, at Sutphen Mills, Dickinson Co., Kan. In the Civil War, he served in Co. K, 99th Ohio Inf. Regt., and sustained gunshot wounds to his right arm and right leg at the Battle of Stone River near Murphreesboro, Tenn. Later, while still in the Union Army, he fractured an arm in a railroad accident. These injuries later resulted in partial and then total disability, including total deafness. Issue:

3JULIA MELINDA SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born Aug. 31, 1870, Chapman, Kan.; married March 17, 1896, Abilene, Alfred Faries Rider (1874-1956), born Sept. 11, 1874, Bourbon County, Kan., s/o John Benjamin and Mary (Wells) Rider. About 1916, they moved to Saline, Kan., where he died Nov. 7, 1944, and she died on Oct. 3, 1956. Both are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery, Chapman. Their children were Noa h L. Rider, who married Della M. Ball; Hazel W. Rider and Nellie Dean Rider, both of whom died young; Hean W. Rider, who married 1) Edna Schmidt and 2) Orpha Morgan, and Naomi Juanita Rider, who married Lawrence A. Serrault.

3DUQUISNEY JANE SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 16, 1872, near Chapman, Dickinson County; married there June 16, 1895, Franklin W. Hermann (1871-1942), born Oct. 4, 1871, Ohio. The Hermanns resided at Topeka, S hawnee County, Kan., where she died June 27, 1942, and he died Sept. 16, 1942. Both are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery, Chapman. Their children were Granville A. Hermann; Ellis E. Hermann; Grace M. Herrman, Esther R. Hermann; Neva J. Hermann; Samuel M. Hermann, and Elizabeth Hermann. The latter died in infancy.

3MILLIE ANN SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born July 31, 1874, Chapman; married Oct. 21, 1903, Chapman, Conrad Louis Kolling (1870-1928), born Feb. 4, 1870, Ripley County, Ind., son of Henry and Sophia Kolling. Millie Kolling died at Chapman Nov. 3, 1926; Kolling died there Aug . 26, 1928. Both are buried in Liberty Cemetery. Six of their seven children were stillborn. The only child reaching maturity was Robert Ward Kolling, who married Clara, maiden name unknown.

3VINTON ROSS SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born May 11, 1877, near Chapman, Dickinson County; married there Oct. 27, 1899, Mary Edna Gray (1882-____), b. July 19, 1882, Osawatomie, Miami County, Kan., daughter of Steven Gray and Mary Flora (Greenman) Gray Bowles. Soon after their son was born, Mary Shry took the baby to North Dakota. There, about 1902, she married 2) John Valentine Hamann, by whom she had more four sons (Clarence Earl, Guy H., Larence Gail and Ly le Leslie Hamann). A farmer, Shry resided near Chapman. He died there Aug. 22, 1944, and is buried Indian Hill Cemetery. His only child, Amos E. Shry, who for unknown reasons took the name Jack Earl Brown about 1920, Mildred Sarah Howard.

3ROBERT DELL SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born April 26, 1879, near Sutphen Mills, Dickinson County; married Feb. 10, 1904, Dickinson County, Carrie Minnie Kolling (1881-1946), born March 23, 1881, Osgood, Ripley County, Ind., daughter of Henry and Sophia Kolling and sister of Conrad Kolling, who married Millie Shry. They resided in Clay County and near Sutphen Mills. He died at Sutphen Mills May 21, 1945; she died there Dec. 30, 1946. Both are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery. Their children were Lawrence Henry Shry, who married Grace E. Spencer, and Robert Otis Shry, who did not marry.

3HELEN GRACE SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born Oct. 10, 1882, Chapman, Dickinson County; married Dec. 20, 1911, Dickinson County, Frank Julius Hermann (1884-1967), born in Missouri Oct. 20, 1884, son of Fred and May (Stoker) Hermann. He was a railroad flagman. They resided at Talmadge, Kan. She died Feb. 28, 1948, and he died Dec. 8, 1967. Both are buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Topeka. Their children were Ralph Ezra Hermann, who married May Evelyn Perryman; Leona Alicia Hermann, twin of Ralph, who married Leland Merton Forbes; Richard Hermann, who married Nina Woodward, and Purlay Fred Hermann, who died as an infant.

3RAYMOND JACOB SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born Oct. 18, 1883, Sutphen Mills; married Bert Heck, later divorced. A landscaper and gardener, Shry res. in North Dakota and at Port Angeles, Wash. He died in Dickinson County Oct. 15, 1949, and is buried in Indian Hill Cemetery.

3CARRIE BLANCHE SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born Feb. 20, 1886, Sutphen Mills, married 1) Sept. 2, 1906, Dickinson County, Earl McMillan, two children; married 2) March 5, 1913, Jesse Brown McMillan or McMillen), born April 14, 1889, Mohawk, Greene County, Tenn., son of James Thomas and Mary Ann (Bay) McMillan; six children. The Jesse McMillans lived at Industry and Manchester, Clay County, Kan., and Abilene, Dickinson County. He died Aug. 2, 1934, Abilene; his widow died there March 31, 1949. Both are buried in Greenridge Cemetery, Industry. Carrie (Shry) McMillan’s children by her first husband were Clarence Virgil McMillan, who married Lavina Cathy, and Purlay Hubert McMillan, who died at birth. Her children by her second husband were Myrtle Marie McMillan, who married John Cairns; James Charles McMillan; Francis Elmer McMillan, James’ twin, who died at birth; Clara Ada McMillan, who married Kenneth James Wolfe; Harry Bruce McMillan, who married Lulubelle Christian, and Wesley Jess McMillan.

3STELLA ELIZABETH SHRY (Lucy3 Levi2, Francis1), born March 3, 1889, Sutphen Mills; married June 1, 1909, Sidney Thomas Rider (1892-1934), b. Feb. 29, 1892, Linn County, Kan., son of John Benjamin and Mary E. (Wells) Rider and a brother of Alfred Faries Rider, who married Julia Shry. They resided at Manchester and Abilene. Rider died April 9, 1934, Abilene; his widow died there Sept. 3, 1972. Their childre n were Guy Avery Rider, who married 1) Edna Arlene Jones and whose second spouse’s name is unknown; Mabel Harney Rider, who married and probably later divorced Eval DeWayne Hogan; Earl Everett Rider, who married Margaret Louise Hall; Ezra Martin Rider, who married Iva Maxine Amness; Harold Vincent Rider, who married Vera Leora Cade; Glen Willard Rider, who married Ethel Maxine Hall; Esther Mae Rider, who married Loyall Melvin Adee; Mabel Marie Rider, who married John Owen Yates, and Hubert Ray Rider, who married Naomi Louise Bowell.

v. AMON BRADBERRY WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Feb. 21, 1853, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died Sept. 15, 1915, near Keystone, Creek Co., Okla. He married 1) March 30, 1873, in Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kan., Nancy Elvira Wells, daughter of Ferris Wells and Susannah (Hines) Wells Shry. Born Oct. 5, 1852, at Salem, Ohio, she died June 20, 1924, at Chapman, Dickinson Co., Kan. Warnock had three children by his first wife. He married 2) April 4, 1880, Dickinson Co., Margaret J. Boles, daughter of Hardin and Elizabeth (Crook) Boles. She was born in 1853 and died in 1923 at Keystone, Okla. Amon and Margaret Warnock had 10 children. Nancy Elvira (Wells) Warnock married 2) Nov. 21, 1883, Dickinson Co., Kan., Ross Jones Warnock, Amon’s younger brother. Issue:

FRANCIS KITRIDGE WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born February, 1874, Dickinson County, Kan.; married June 22, 1897, Wallowa County, Ore., Mary Ellen Campbell (1880-____), born December, 1880, Washington state; res. Friend Creek and Lucille, Idaho, and Wallowa County, Ore. Warnock died in Idaho in late December, 1959. Francis and Mary Ellen Warnock’s children were Louis Luther Warnock; Ferman Alexander Warnock, who married Geneva (Jean) Mitchell; Amos Luther Warnock, who married Myra S. Martin; Mildred Myrtle Warnock, who married Donald Raymond Lursman, and Margar et Hazel Warnock, who married Fred Redfield.

ORINDA MAY WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born March 30, 1878, Dickinson County; married there Aug. 23, 1897, Finley Ervin Collier (1876-1959), b. Aug. 22, 1876, Chapman, son of John and Rachel (Crooks) Collier. He died March 30, 1959, and she died Sept. 1, 1962. Both are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery. Their only child was Faye Neola Collier, who married 1) Clifford Carpenter and 2) Clifford Rogers.

NETTIE ELZADA WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born 1879, married Nov. 30, 1899, Dickinson County, Henry Schorling born June 11, 1874. They resided at Kansas City. He died in October, 1963, and she died the next month. The Schorlings are buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Kansas City. Their only chi ld was Clifford H. Schorling, who married Anna, maiden name unknown.

BERTHA WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born 1879, Chapman, Dickinson Co., Kan.

CLARENCE ANTHONY WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born May 10, 1881, Dickinson County, Kan.; married Sept. 4, 1903, Winfield, Kan., Gertrude May Belden (1884-1929), born Dec. 4, 1884, Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kan., daughter of Samuel T. and Carrie Rose (Hahn) Belden. They resided in Kansas and Texas. Gertrude Warnock died in April, 1929, at Stinnett, Texas. Warnock died Nov. 19, 1950, at Longview, Gregg County, Texas. Their children, all born in Oklahoma, were Esther F. Warnock; Lawrence Wilbur Warnock; Donald Warnock; Elsie Warnock And Marion F. Warnock. The last three died in infancy.

HOMER WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born Chapman, Dickinson County.

ESTHER WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born Chapman.

WILLIAM PERRY WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born March 7, 1886; married 1) Feb. 20, 1913, Dickinson County, Ina P. Eberhard (1890-1982), born Nov. 16, 1890, Kansas, d. Jan. 31, 1982, Fresno County, Calif.; possibly married 2) in Oklahoma, Mary Beatrice Ralston, who was a fourth Cree Indian. Warnock died in February, 1971, at Taft, Kern County, Calif.

CORA WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born 1887, died in infancy.

GLENNIE WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1),

NAOMI WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1),, born 1888

HAROLD AMON WARNOCK (Amon3, Levi2, Francis1), born March 1, 1889, near Keystone, Okla.; married April 2, 1917, Sapulpa, Okla., Ottie Mae Baker (1898-____), born Aug. 14, 1898, Jennings, Okla. An oilfield worker, Warnock died Aug. 26, 1940, after being overcome by fumes while cleaning an oil storage tank at Tulsa, Okla. His children by Ottie Baker were Gwendolyn Warnock, Undrey Warnock, Julia Jean Warnock, Hal Newton Warnock and Audrey Allen Warnock.

ORNIE WARNOCK, born 1891, Oklahoma.

vi. JOHN ROBERT WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Nov. 15, 1854, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died before 1929. He married Nov. 21, 1883, Louise Steinbru ck, born in 1866. She died at Abilene Sept. 23, 1929. In 1910, Warnock lived with his brother Amon in Cherokee Co., Okla., and his wife resided in Sherman Twp., Dickinson Co., Kan. This suggests a divorce, but a Dickinson Co. newspap er’s notice of her death indicates she was Warnock’s widow. Issue:

LEVI ANTOINE WARNOCK (John3, Levi2, Francis1), born Aug. 22, 1884, Kansas; married. Eula Mae Brantley, born Jan. 27, 1900, daughter of Stephen Thaddeus and Minnie Lee (Bailey) Brantley. Warnock died Feb. 19, 1961, Kern County, Calif. His widow died in October, 1977, at Nickerson, Reno County, Kan. They had two children – Levi Antoine Warnock Jr. and Judith L. Warnock

OREN WARNOCK (John3, Levi2, Francis1), born about 1887-____), married Ina ____, one daughter, identity unknown.

GUSTAV WARNOCK (John3, Levi2, Francis1), born March, 1888; badly burned in a barn fire as a youth; did not marry; died May, 1961.

JOHN FRANCIS WARNOCK (John3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 20, 1892, Kansas; served in Army, World War I; married Florence ____; three sons, identities unknown. Warnock died Feb. 2, 1955, Kern County, Calif.

CHARLES EZEKIEL WARNOCK (John3, Levi2, Francis1), born April 12, 1899; married Esther L. Gfeller, born Oct. 5, 1901, daughter of William and Sophie (Sprecher) Gfeller. She first married Roland W. Hill, by whom she had four children (Betty Jean Hill 1924, Peggy Lou Hill 1926, and twins Jane Ruth and James Rolland Hill, born in 1928.&nb sp; The Warnocks res. at Wakefield, Clay County, Iowa. Warnock died there on De c. 19, 1978. His widow died May 14, 1993, either at Chapman, Dickinson County, or Wakefield, Clay County. They are buried in Greenridge Cemetery, Dickinson County. Their only known child was a son, Howard Warnock.

vii. ROSS JONES WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born March 13, 1856, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died at Vinita, Okla., on June 20, 1924. He married Nov. 21, 1883, Nancy Elvira (Wells) Warnock (1852-1924), daughter of Ferris Wells and Susannah (Hines) Wells Shry and former wife of his older brother Amon. Issue:

MAUDE ANGELINE WARNOCK (Ross3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 30, 1884, Dickinson County; married Dec. 16, 1903, Dickinson County, Conrad J. Schorling (1875-1941), born Oct. 11, 1875, Ripley County, Ind., s/o Albert and Caroline (Kolling) Schorling. A farmer, he died May 19, 1941. His widow died Feb. 27, 1961, Junction City. They are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery. Their only child was Alrene Mercedes Schorling, who married Rudolph Joseph (Rudy) Sejkora.

JAMES GILRUTH WARNOCK (Ross3, Levi2, Francis1), born July 27, 1886, Dickinson County; died March 25, 1887. He is buried in Indian Hill Cemetery.

VERNON ELSWORTH WARNOCK (Ross3, Levi2, Francis1), born Jan. 31, 1888, Dickinson County; died there Sept. 27, 1888; also buried in Indian Hill Cemetery.

PHOEBE E. WARNOCK (Ross3, Levi2, Francis1), born Aug. 8, 1889, Chapman; invalid most of her life and did not marry. She resided at Parsons, Kan. Phoebe Warnock died d. Feb. 17, 1973, and was buried in Indian Hill Cemetery.

STELLA CORDELIA WARNOCK (Ross3, Levi2, Francis1), born April 7, 1893, Dickinson County; married 1) Thomas Earl Laney; 2) _____ Hunck and 3) Herman Gruno (1885-1964), born Feb. 5, 1885. The Gruno s resided Chapman, Kan., and Houston, Texas. Gruno died in September, 1964; his widow died April 16, 1983, Harris County, Texas. They are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery. By her first husband, she had a daughter, Patricia Dean Laney.

viii. JAMES GILRUTH WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 19, 1858, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., died Dec. 7, 1900, Dickinson Co., Kan.; married Jane E. Leist Sept. 17, 1891, in Dickinson Co. Leist may have been her maiden name since Dickinson Co. records show Warnock marrying “Jennie Straw.” She was born in 1864 and died in 1907. Issue:

CHARLES LEVI WARNOCK, born June 14, 1892, Chapman, Dickinson County, Kan.; moved to Wallowa County about 1918; married Aug. 5, 1927, Enterprise, Wallowa County, Wilma Ethyl Thornton (1904-1980), born Nov. 5, 1904, Mayville, Ore., daughter of William and Mary (Mayfield) Thornton; resided Enterprise. He died June 3, 1961, and she died June 26, 1980, both at Enterprise; both bur. Prairie Creek Cemetery. Their children were Vera Pauline Warnock, who married Fred Talbott; Thornton Grant Warnock, who married Barbara Hockett; Charlene May Warnock, who married David W. MacManiman; and Edward Neil Warnock, wh o married Tarris Jean Mead.

EITHEL WARNOCK, born 1893, died 1964, did not marry.

EDNA LUCILLE WARNOCK. Born 1893, died 1967, twin of Eithel Warnock; married 1916, Glencoe, Payne County, Okla., Forrest Claude Tomberlin (1891-1967), born Oct. 11, 1891, Missouri, son of George Henry and Emma Elizabeth (Berry) Tomberlin. They resided at Riverton, Wyo, where he died in September, 1967. Their children were Velva Tomberlin, who married Neil Mattox; Alvin Ellis Tomberlin, who married Mable Talitha Watson; George Dean Tomberlin, who married Irma Welch, and Iren e Tomberlin, who married Bernard Lee.

ROBERT CALYER WARNOCK, born Aug. 23, 1895; married April 7, 1934, Enterprise, Wallowa County, Ore., Alice Agnes Amey (1906-2000), born Sept. 22, 1906, Joseph, daughter of Clark Willard and Myrta Elnora (Boner) Amey. Warnock died April, 1974, Medford, Ore.; his widow died there July 15, 2000. Their children were Colleen Warnock, who married Kenneth Struck, and Jeanne Warnock, who married Vern Struck;

EARL RICHARD WARNOCK, born May 13, 1897, Kansas; married 1926, Helen Pemberton, born Jan. 25, 1904. Warnock died July 28, 1978, Merced County, Calif. His widow died March 24, 2004, at Crescent City, Del Norte Count y, Calif. Their children are Douglas W. Warnock, who married Thelma Ward; Richard Warnock, who married Barbara Flory, and Janette Warnock, who married Fred Buckingham.

J. HARRY WARNOCK, born 1899, died 1921, married Mary Lucille Wise (1900-1959), born Feb. 11, 1905, Yale, Okla., daughter of Franklin Edward and Clara Evaline (Flessner) Wise. After Warnock’s death. his widow married 2) Dennis Rush, by whom she had four children (Robert, Eilene, Betty and James Franklin Rush). She died Nov. 11, 1959, Maramec, Pawnee County, Okla. Harry Warnock’s children by Mary Wise were Naomi Warnock, who married Larence Narry, and J. Harry Warnock Jr., who married Bonnie ____.

ix. MARY CELESTIA WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Oct. 11, 1860, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died Dec. 23, 1937, in Dickinson Co., Kan. On April 3, 1881, in Dickinson Co., Kan., she married John Franklin (Frank) Freeman, son of George Walton Freeman and his first wife, Sophronia Elizabeth Sorrels. (A Mexican War veteran, George Freeman was the first permanent white settler in what now is Noble Twp., Dickinson Co., Kan. Inte nding to go to Texas, he and other migrating families changed their minds along the way and settled on Chapman Creek. Freeman later served as a Dickinson Co. probate judge and county commissioner. Sopronia Freeman died soon after the family’s arrival and was the first white woman buried in Dickinson Co.) Frank Freeman was born Sept. 13, 1854, near Little Rock, Ark., on his family’s move west from North Carolina, and died Nov. 26, 1922, in Chapman Twp., Dickinson Co., Kan. Issue:

SOPHRONIA PRISCILLA FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born June 10, 1882, Dickinson County, Kan.; married March 27, 1908, Abilene, Edward Winters (1881-1959). Her middle name also is given as Pressella. While they lived in Colorado, he worked in the mines and at lumber camps. After they returned to Dickinson County, he ran a small dairy at Chapman and worked for the A. J. elevator. “Fronia” Winters lived her final years with her daughter, Anna Celestia (Birdie) Burt, at Salina, Saline County, Kan. She died Jan. 3, 1953; Winters d. Jan. 17, 1959, Dickinson County. They are buried in Good Hope Cemetery there. Their children were Ruby Arvilla Winters, who was stillborn; Annie Celestia Winters, the only Winters child to reach maturity, who married ____ Burt; Horace Edward, William Ersel and Cameron Winters, all stillborn; Josephine Ruth Winters, who died at age nine, and Pauline E. Winters, also stillborn.

RUTH F. FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 12, 1883; married Nov. 14, 1916, Charles Reinfort Signer. After his death, she began caring for elderly and ill people and eventually converted her home into a licensed nursing facility. She died July 15, 1968, Abilene. Her children were Everett F. Signer and Myrta Mae Signer, who married ____ Fleagle.

LUCY ORINDA FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born March 15, 1885, Sutphen Mills; died July 10, 1903; buried in Dickinson County.

ALICE PHLEBY FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Aug. 28, 1886; died May 6, 1887.

RUBY HAZEL (JANE) FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born April 20, 1889, married July 7, 1908, Robert Lee Collier (1889-1975), born Aug. 12, 1889, in Kansas, probably Dickinson County. They farmed near Chapman, then lived and worked at Steamboat Springs and Cripple Creek, Colo., then returned to Dickinson County. They later lived at Lompoc, Calif., where she died Sept. 1, 1955, and he died Oct. 1, 1975. Their children were Vina O. Collier, who married Darrell McLaughlin; Hazel Collier, who married ____ Hazard, and Robert Lee Collier Jr.

NAPOLEON BONAPART FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 4, 1891, near Chapman. In his youth, he worked in the Colorado coal mines and shucked corn in Nebraska and Iowa. On Nov. 14, 1919, in Hot Springs, N.C., he married Addie A. Worley, born July 1, 1902, Ducktown, Tenn. Freeman, who farmed in the Chapman area, lost a hand and part of an arm in a corn shredder accident. He died Dec. 17, 1966. His widow died at Chapman in August, 1983. They are buried in Li berty Cemetery, near Upland in Dickinson County. Their children were Dora Anna Freeman, who married Joe J. Rudolph; Ivan H. Freeman, who married Mary Lou Curren; Esther Freeman, who married Ralph C. Burdick; Herman F. Freeman, who married Bonnie Schwietze, and Tina Freeman, who married Richard White.

CALVIN JACKSON FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 28, 1893; married 1917, Birdie May Gfeller, born May10, 1896, daughter of Peter Gfeller. Although called Jack by family, Freeman signed official documents as C. J. Freeman. Sickly from a heart problem, he still managed to work in his youth as a logging camp cook and as a miner for Jupiter Coal Company at Steamboat Springs, Colo. Back in Chapman, he was drenched in a storm that hit while he was working on a threshing crew and it took two years for him to recover. He later farmed, worked as a carpenter and auto mechanic, drove truck for his younger brother Purlay’s transfer and ice business, served as an assistant Chapman city marshal, drove a truck during construction of a new cross-Kansas highway and helped rebuild Camp Funston at Fort Riley in 1939 and 1940. In 1941, the Freemans and their youngest son, Vernon, moved to Lompoc, Calif., where he worked for Johns Manville. He died at Lompoc April 19, 1947. His widow moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., where she worked for a doctor. She died there June 28, 1985. The Freemans are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lompoc. Their children were Homer Woodrow Freeman, Wilbur Harding Freeman and Vernon Glen Freeman.

PURLAY FRANKLIN FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 13, 1896, near Sutphen Mills, Dickinson County; married July 8, 1914, to Evelyn Johanna Martin (1896-1960), b. July 5, 1896, Chapman. An Army private in World War I, Freeman was an Army Air Force staff sergeant in World War II. He owned and operated Chapman Ice and Transfer Company. When he bought several Model T trucks for his business, he became the first Chapman mover to do so. Later, he converted to larger trucks and then to semis. A hunter and fisherman, Freeman also was a scoutmaster, story teller, debater and little theater performer, the organizer of a rodeo, a justice of the peace and a reserve deputy sheriff. Evelyn Freeman died Feb. 6, 1960. Freeman died Aug. 28, 1961. Both are buried in Indian Hill Cemetery, Chapman. Their children were Leora Pearl Freeman, who married Kenneth Russell Swenson; Edna Regina Freeman, who died at age 7, and Eythel Freeman, who married William Sherraden.

PEARL CELESTIA FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 13, 1896, twin of Purlay Franklin Freeman; married 1) Earl Brown. After his death, she moved to California, where their son was living, and there married 2) ____ Randall. They lived in Idaho. After her second husband’s death, Pearl Randall returned to California, where she m. 3) Thomas Pittman. They first resided in southern California and then lived at Lancaster, Calif. After her third husband’s death, Pearl Pittman resided with a niece, Vina (Collier) McLaughlin, at Lompoc. She d. November, 1985, Anaheim, Orange County. She had a son, but his name is not known.

ANNA LAURA FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born July 18, 1899; married Sept. 24, 1919, Louis Earl Mills (1896-1976), born Sept. 23, 1896, near Enterprise, Kan. In 1964, they moved to Abilene, where Mills died in September, 1976, and his widow died in December, 1979. They are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Enterprise. Their children were Earl Franklin Mills, who married Elizabeth West; Elmer Louis Mills, who married Joan Markley; Rose Marie Mills, who married O. C. Delimont, and Dale LeRoy Mills.

GEORGE W. FREEMAN (Mary3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 13, 1901, Chapman; died July 2, 1904.

x. PHOEBE ELIZABETH WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Nov. 27, 1862, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind., and died April 28, 1939, at Milford, Clay Co., Kan. (Her tombstone spells her first name as “Phoebie” and confirms that she was “born in Indiana.” She married John Henry Theodore Steinbruck, who was born Jan. 29, 1861, in Clay Co., Kan. He died Feb. 16, 1943, at Milford, Clay Co., Kan.

JOHANA AUGUSTA STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 19, 1884, Dickinson County, Kan.; married Dec. 28, 1910, Abilene, Charles Ernest Martin (1886-1936), born April 12, 1886, Milford, Kan., son of Charles Lewis Martin (1843-1917) and Mary Pearson (1849-1937). Martin died Feb. 24, 1936, Longford, Kan. His widow died May 11, 1962, Abilene.

FREDERIC VERNON STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born Oct. 28, 1892, Dickinson County; married Flossie Fern Young (1891-____), seven children, identities of four known. Steinbruck died July 30, 1990. Identified children are Gailord Steinbruck, Alonzo Steinbruck, Marjorie Steinbruck and Aldo Steinbruck.

ELSIE ANN STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born Sept. 5, 1894, Dickinson County; married Nov. 24, 1916, James Withers Waller (1888-1980), born Oct. 1, 1888; two children, identities unknown. Waller died June 22, 1980, Chapman, Kan.; his widow died there July 24, 1984.

NORMAN ROSS STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born May 21, 1896, Dickinson County; married 1) Sept. 18, 1917, Ruth Marie Heuson (1898-1948), born Aug. 25, 1898, Broughton, Clay County, Kan., daughter of Nathaniel and Laura Jane (Denison) Heuson. Her father was born in Lincolnshire, England. The Steinbrucks resided near Junction City, Geary County, Kan. Ruth Marie Steinbruck died March 30, 1948, Junction City. Steinbruck married 2) May Smith. He died Jan. 7, 1968, Geary County, and is buried in Greenridge Cemetery, Dickinson County. His children were Waneta Lavone Steinbruck, who married Walter Bitterlin; Vivian Ivalo Steinbruck, who married Henry William Adam Jr.; Norma Ellen Steinbruck, who married James Daniel Banks,

ANDREW ADOLPH STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born Dec. 31, 1898, Dickinson County; served in Army, World War I; married Feb. 28, 1923, Cecile Bentz, born Nov. 25, 1900; no children. Steinbruck died March 4, 1968, Industry, Kan.; his widow died Aug. 29, 1971.

ALPHONSO KITRIDGE STEINBRUCK (Phoebe3, Levi2, Francis1), born Nov. 12, 1900, Dickinson County; married Feb. 25, 1925, Freda Florine Hoffman (1904-1995), born Nov. 20, 1904, daughter of Lemuel Melvin and Lena (Wilmer) Hoffman; three children, identity of only one known. They resided at Salem, Ore. He died Oct. 16, 1976, Keizer, Ore.; his widow died there in May, 1995. The child whose identity is known is Wanda L. Steinbruck.

xi. ELLEN ORINDA WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born Sept. 4, 1864, in Noble Twp., Jay Co., Ind. In Dickinson County, Kan., on Jan. 20, 1889, she married Francis M. Leathers (1857-after 1930), born in Shelby County, Ill., and the son of David M. Leathers and Lydia Gochenour (Cochenour). The Leatherses later lived at McKenzie, Burleigh County, N.D. They either divorced or she died before 1910, the year Leathers married 2) Virginia, maiden name unknown, born in Illinois in 1863.

GILRUTH HARLEN LEATHERS, born June 18, 1890, McKenzie, Burleigh County, N.D.; married about 1912, Bertha A. ____ (1891-1972), born in Iowa on Oct. 26, 1891. Leathers died about 1980. The Leatherses are known to have had two daughters – Norma L. Leathers and Vera L. Leathers.

LOUIS BRYAN LEATHERS, born Dec. 7, 1892, McKenzie; resided Sacramento, Calif., where he died Jan. 15, 1969.

PHOEBE C. LEATHERS, born Sept. 11, 1894, McKenzie. She died in 1959.

FRANCES OLIVE LEATHERS, born, born May 13, 1896, McKenzie.

DAVID BEEBE LEATHERS, born Jan. 19, 1898, McKenzie; married Ethel Olive (Thompson) Kensrud, born Sept. 20, 1896, Portland, N.D. She first married Jonathan Kensrud, by whom she had four children. Kensrud committed suicide at age 25. Leathers was a postal worker. The date and place of his death are not known. Ethel Olive (Thompson) Kensrud Leathers died at Sacramento, Sacramento County, Calif., on Nov. 18, 1981.

CLIFFORD BURRELL LEATHERS, born Aug. 17, 1901, McKenzie; died July 6, 1951, Los Angeles County, Calif.

ELLA MARIAN LEATHERS, born about April 16, 1910, McKenzie.

CHARLOTTE LEATHERS born about 1912, McKenzie; married Randall Boyd (about 1910–____). The Boyds had at least six children, but identities are known only for Paul Boyd and Isabel Boyd.

xii. FRANKIE MELVINA WARNOCK (Levi2, Francis1) was born March 31, 1867, in Dickinson Co., Kan., and may have been the first white child born on Chapman Creek, Dickinson Co., Kan. She died April 29, 1943, near Nash, Grant Co., Okla. In Dickinson County, Kan., on March 30, 1889, she married Hugh Evans, who was born Jan. 22, 1863, at Salisbury, Greene Co., Ind., and died in June, 1932, near Nash. After their marriage, Evans farmed near Chapman, Dickinson Co., Kan. When a neighbor offered to trade a Cherokee Strip tract in Oklahoma for one of Evans’ horses, he inspected the property, agreed to the trade and in 1894 moved his family to what became Grant Co., Okla. Issue:

BERTHA MILDRED EVANS, born July 10, 1890, Chapman; married 1) Thomas Barnett Bonds, born Sept. 25, 1880, Carthage, Mo. He died March 17, 1946, Bakersfield, Kern County, Calif. Bertha Bonds married 2) ___ Coburn, possibly Clarence E. Coburn, born June 21, 189 4, Alabama, and died Nov. 20, 1990, Bakersfield. Bertha Coburn died Feb. 14, 1982; Bakersfield, and is buried with Bonds. Thomas and Bertha (Evans) Bonds’ children were Leonard Sanford Bonds, who married Leona W. Meyers; Myrtle A. Bonds, who married twice but whose spouses; names are not known; and Laurence Marion Bonds, who married Kathryn Wise.

PERCY EVANS, born 1892, Chapman; died Dec. 24, 1895, Grant County, Okla.

MURRAY EVANS, born 1893, Chapman; died Dec. 17, 1895, Grant County, Okla.

MATHILDE EVANS, born 1895, Grant County, Okla; died there Dec. 18, 1895.

CLARA EVANS, born Grant County; d. there Nov. 14, 1900.

LEVI ALEXANDER EVANS, born April 30, 1898, Grant County, Okla.; married March 8, 1921, Ivy Cram (1902-1993), born Dec. 4, 1902, Goltry, Okla., daughter of John and Alice (Wilson) Cram. She died Oct. 9, 1993, Tonkawa, Okla.; Evans died there Jan. 3, 1995. Their children were Billie Levi Evans, who married June Rosalie Hipsher; Clinton Layne Evans, who married Wilma Dean Clancy, and Enid Rae Evans, who married C. Richard Braswell.

IDA SYLVA EVANS, born Aug. 31, 1900, Nash, Grant County, Okla.; married May 30, 1919, Joseph S. Strait (1898-1955), born Aug. 14, 1898, Nash. He died near Nash on Nov. 30, 1955; his widow died there May 8, 1996. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery. Their children were Leora Dean Strait, who married Loren Lewis Newell; Lavonna Strait, who married Russell Raines; Joseph Delmar Strait, who married Neva Lorraine Felix; Francis Marion Strait, who married Leora Milligan; Harlan Dale Strait, who married Lila Faye Hutcheson; Edwin Strait, who married Joyce Deil, and Charlotte Virginia Strait, who married Robert Larry Slaving.

HUGH ERWIN EVANS, born Aug. 3, 1902, Nash; married 1) Ruth Elizabeth Dolin (1901-1970), born Sept. 14, 1901, Clifton, Kan. She died Oct. 27, 1970, Wichita, Sedgewick County, Kan., and is buried in Resurrection Cemetery there. Evans married 2) Leta (Preston) Charles. He died March 10, 1995, Wichita. Evans’ children, all by his first wife, were Lois Joy Evans, who married Harlan G. Ulrich; Ruth Ellen Evans, who married Jerome P. Ternes; and Shirley Ann Evans, who married Melvin Rausch.

CONRAD RUSSELL EVANS, born July 5, 1904, Grant County, Okla.; married 1) Elva Cram, born March 30, 1901, Goltry, Okla., daughter of John and Alice (Wilson) Cram. She d. April 10, 1979, Enid, and is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Nash. Evans married 2) Oleeva (Shorter) Ditner. He died July 14, 1993, Nash. His children, all by his first wife, were Orrana Ilene Evans, who married Marvin Dwight Felix; Conrad Leon Evans, who married Joy Janice McKnight; Duane Eldon Evans, who married Zola M. (Castle) Stanley; Carol Kathleen Evans, who married Billy George Hayes; Ilus Glorene Evans, who married Earl Lee Overton; Hallie Lamar Evans, who married Eloise Ione Overton, and Marilyn R. Evans, who married 1) Eathel D. Nelson and 2) Harvey Dale Foster.

AUBREY WARREN EVANS, born Sept. 3, 1910, Grant County, Okla.; married Aug. 3, 1941, Enid, Okla., Clara Katie Lee (1918-____), b. Jan. 20, 1918, Drummond, Garfield County, Okla., daughter of Roy L. and Bessie E. (Fleer) Lee. Evans died June 13, 1998, at Enid, Garfield County, Okla. The Evans’ only child was Mary Louise Evans, who married Randy J. Williams.

The Family of William Perry Warnock and 1) Mary Celinda Adney, 2) Nancy Anderson

i. SARAH MARGARET WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born on Nov. 8, 1847, probably in Mercer Co., Ohio, and died there on June 11, 1882. She married Dec. 7, 1867, Hallett M. Scott, born in Indiana, probably in Noble Twp., Jay Co., and the son of William and Margaret Scott. He died at an unknown place and date. The 1870 census shows the Scotts in Jay Co., but they do not appear there in later censuses. An Adney family genealogy says they had “children” – i.e., more than the daughter Charlotte enumerated with them in 1870 – who “went to live with Nelson Armantrout, Fort Recovery” after Margaret Scott’s death. She is buried in Green Mound Cemetery, Fort Recovery, Mercer Co., Ohio.

ii. FRANCES LEVI WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born Sept. 19, 1849, Mercer Co., Ohio. He moved to Dickinson County, Kan., possibly with his father and step-mother, and there on Aug. 20, 1869, may have married Sarah Mayne.

iii. JOSEPH THOMAS (TOM) WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born Nov. 3, 1852, in Jay Co., Ind., and died June 11, 1936, in Coos Co., Ore. As earlier noted, he was a cat tle rancher in Wallow County, Ore. He later lived in California, but eventually returned to Oregon. It’s not known if he married.

iv. DAVID DICKSON WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born April 13, 1854, in Jay Co., Ind., and died Aug. 15, 1939, at Dayton, Yamhill Co., Ore. Warnock was a cattle rancher in Wallowa and Yamhill counties, Ore. He married June 22, 1874, Eva Ray. Born in 1857 in Illinois, she died on May 10, 1947, in Douglas County, Ore. Issue:

ROBERT T. P. WARNOCK (1876-1877), born Dickinson County; died May 14, 1877, Dickinson County, at nine months of age; bur. Greenridge Cemetery there.

WILLIAM RICHARD WARNOCK (1873-1966), born June 10, 1873, Dickinson County, Kan.; married Jan. 13, 1901, Wallowa County, Ore., to Sarah H. (Sally) Alford (1882-1971), born Nov. 1, 1882, Oregon, d/o James A. and Serilda Alford; resided Imnaha Precinct, Wallowa County. A cattleman, Warnock died Oct. 26, 1966, Joseph, Wallowa County, Ore. Sally Warnock died there July 2, 1971. Both are buried in Enterprise Cemetery. Warnock’s tombstone gives his name as Richard William Warnock. Their children included David William Warnock, who married Eva Mae ____, and Mabel, Eva Warnock, Edith and Irene Warnock.

CORA WARNOCK (about 1877-____), born Dickinson County, Kan.; died prior to 1900 in Wallowa County, Ore.

NAOMI BERTHA WARNOCK (1879-____), born September, 1879, Joseph, Wallowa County.

NORA E. WARNOCK (1880-1966), born Wallowa County; married Charles Lewis Hyde (1880-1979), born Feb. 3, 1880, Benton County, Ore., son of John L. and Elma L. (Taylor) Hyde. Nora Hyde died May 19, 1966, Lincoln County, Ore. Hyde died. March 17, 1979, Toledo, Lincoln County, Ore.

NANCY I. WARNOCK (1882-____), born January, 1882, Wallowa County. She may have been the first wife of William F. Wakefield, who married Belle Warnock, and she possibly was the mother of Rex Warnock Wakefield (see below).

BELLE WARNOCK (1884-____), born May, 1884, Wallowa County; married Sept. 17, 1909, Toledo, Lincoln County, Ore., William F. Wakefield (1879-____), born Aug. 15, 1879, Long Lake, Minn., son of William and Maria Louise (Gould) Wakefield. Their only child was Rex Warnock Wakefield, who as noted may have been Wakefield’s son by Belle Warnock’s sister Nancy.

MAUDE MAY WARNOCK (1888-____), born Feb. 6, 1888, Wallowa County; married 1) April 13, 1906, Eddyville, Lincoln County, Ore., Orville D. Shirley (1887-____), four children; possibly married 2) in Wallowa County on June 15, 1923, Archie Marks. If she m. Marks, they divorced in Umatilla County in 1925. Her children by Shirley included Ida M, Homer A., Allen H. and Lee F. Shirley.

LILLY MABLE WARNOCK (1896-____), born March, 1896, Wallowa County; married Jan. 15, 1916, Yamhill County, Ore., to Guy Elliott Metcalf (1892-1964), born Feb. 21, 1892, Nebraska. He died in Oregon. They had two daughters, Crystal E. and Darlene F. Metcalf.

IVA E. WARNOCK (about 1905-____)

v. CELINDA JANE WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born in 1856 in Jay Co., Ind., and died at an unknown place and time. She married Nov. 16, 1875, Dickinson Co., Kan., George G. Branscom, son of Daniel and Nancy (Gregg) Branscombe. He was born Sept. 19, 1848, Iowa, and died March 1, 1924. In 1910, they lived at Ogden, Weber Co., Utah. Issue:

HENRY L. BRANSCOM (1874-____), born. Dickinson County, Kan.

WILLIE BRANSCOM (1877-1877), born Sept. 14, 1877; died Sept 23, 1877; bur. Greenridge Cemetery, Dickinson County, Kan.

ROBERT BRANSCOM (1878-1878), died November, 1878, at nine days of age.

MATTIE BRANSCOM (1879-____), born Wallowa County, Ore.

CRYSTAL BRANSCOM (1888-____), born Wallowa County.

EVA BRANSCOM (1892-____), born Wallowa County.

MAUD BRANSCOM (1895-____), born Ogden, Weber County, Utah.

vi. ALEXANDER JOSHAWAY (ALEX) WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born Jan. 14, 1858, in Jay Co., Ind., and died Sept. 25, 1922, at P ortland, Ore. He married Ellen Agnes Shields, daughter of Albert S. and Susannah (Ault) Shields, who also lived in Jay County before moving west. She was born in 1863 in Indiana, probably in Jay Co.&nbs p; Warnock was a Wallowa County cattleman whose ranch was alongside the Snake River. Issue:

CRYSTAL E. WARNOCK (1898-____), born Wallowa County, Ore.

vii. DANIEL WELBAUM (DAN) WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born Sept. 1, 1859, in Jay Co., Ind., and died March 28, 1929, at Eugene, Lane Co., Ore. He married 1) April 15, 1883, Wallowa Co., Ore., Mariah Martha Mortenson, adopted daughter of James and Mariah Mortenson. Born in Denmark Dec. 27, 1864, she died March 11, 1913, at Modesto, Calif., where the Warnocks were visiting friends. Warnock married 2) Fanny Heckman. As noted, Warnock was a Wallowa County cattleman. He also was a blacksmith, horse breeder and hotel operator and had banking interests. He died at Eugene, Lane County, Ore., on March 28, 1929. Issue:

NANCY MARIAH WARNOCK (1884-1957), born April 29, 1984, Wallowa County; married there Dec, 20, 1904, Charles Jackson Crader (1879-1961), born Feb. 8, 1879, Missouri, son of Thomas J. and Mary Crader, both natives of Illinois. They resided in Wallowa County. She died Feb. 24, 1957; he died Jan. 1, 1961. Both are buried in Prairie Creek Cemetery. They may have had other children in addition to the following: Jesse Charles Crader; Oliver William Crader, who married Leona Gildersleeve; Gretchen Crader, who married ____ Butler; Jack Crader, who married Pamela Howland; Maralyn Crader, and Reta Jean Crader, who married Emmett Patrick Heaverne.

CHARLES W. WARNOCK (1885-1965), born Wallowa County; married Wilma G. ___ , born 1901, Oklahoma; resided in Idaho. Warnock died in January, 1965, Florida. Their only known child was a son, Charles Dwight Warnock.

DORA EDITH WARNOCK (1887-1975), born March 3, 1887, Wallowa County; married there Dec. 16, 1903 , Jesse Homer Foster (1880-1962), born June 10, 1880, Minnesota; resided Lewiston and Hood River, Ore. She died Oct. 19, 1954. He died Oct. 14, 1962. Both are buried in. Enterprise Cemetery, Wal lowa County. Their children were Ethel Foster and Elmer Foster.

GERTRUDE MAY WARNOCK (1889-1983), born Aug. 4, 1889, Wallowa County; married May 17, 1917, Joseph, to Harrison Cecil (Harry) Mays (1887-1966), born April 29, 1887, Antelope, Ore., son of Polk E. Mays and his first wife, Mary Etta (Mollie) Kelsay. Harry Mays had m. 1) Fay Wade. The Mayses ranched, farmed and operated the Joseph Sweet Shop. He also was a cattle brand inspector. Mays died Feb. 17, 1966, Joseph. His widow died there April 19, 1983. Both are buried in. Prairie Creek Cemetery. Their children were Betty Imogene Mays, who married 1) K. F. Perez and 2) Gerald Botts, and Iris Louise Mays, who married 1) Arthur J. Wrinkle and 2) Eugene Chase Jr.

GRACE ELLEN WARNOCK (1890-1969), born Dec. 2, 1890, Joseph, Wallowa County; married 1913, Homer Harrison Hayes (1887-1972), born Oct. 12, 1887, Wallowa County, son of John Wesley and Minnie M. (Flagg) Hayes. They ranched before moving into Joseph in 1939. She died May 29, 1969; he died Aug. 6, 1972; both bur. Prairie Creek Cemetery. Their sons were Kirk Hayes, who married Mary Louise Hull (or Hall); and Max, Arthur and Everett O. Hayes.

MARGARET AGNES WARNOCK (1893-1979), born May 25, 1893, Joseph; m. 1) April 13, 1914, Joseph, William M. Head (1891-____), b. Dec. 19, 1891; married 2) Jan. 2, 1936, William C. Bundrant, M.D.; no children. She resided at Eugene and Klamath Falls, Ore., but died at Joseph in July, 1979.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER WARNOCK (1897-1967), born Aug. 20, 1897, Wallowa County; married July 26, 1918, LaGrande, Ore., Vera Jean Patten (1900-1974), born May 23, 1900, daughter of Charles and Emma (Darr) Patten of LaGrande. With Harry and Gertrude (Warnock) Mays, they operated a Lower Imnaha ranch and the Warnock home ranch. At Enterprise, they later operated a dairy and the Sweet Shop. A carpenter and cabinetmaker, Warnock died May 11, 1967, Joseph. His widow died there May 11, 1974. Both are buried in bur. Prairie Creek Cemetery. Their children were William Earl Warnock, who married Marilyn L. Kiel, and Patricia Nan Warnock, who married Mervin Wayne Zollman;

NELLIE WARNOCK (about 1898-____), born Warnock County; died young.

LOLA M. WARNOCK (1899-____), born Aug. 16, 1899, Wallowa County; married 1) Oct. 12, 1918, Delbert K. Mitchell; married 2) Jesse Edwards (1983-1972), born Dec. 27, 1893. The Mitchells resided at. Baker, Ore. Edwards died in April, 1972.

DANIEL ROBERT WARNOCK (1907-2003), born Jan. 30, 1907, Crow Creek, Wallowa County; married June 30, 1929, Alice Antoinette Brown (1908-2002), born June 17, 1908, Portland, Ore., daughter of Herbert and Theresa (Nystrom) Brown. After earning a teaching certificate at Oregon Normal School at Monmouth, she was teaching in a small school at Donna, near Springfield, Ore., when she met and married her husband. First an orchardist with his father in the Williamette Valley near Eugene, Warnock worked at other jobs there while he and his wife scrimped to buy a 280-acre ranch near Sumpter in Baker County, Ore., on which they lived for 56 years. Named as “Father of the Year” in Oregon in 1969, Warnock later received the diamond jubilee award for excellence in agriculture from Oregon State University. He and his wife were involved in many civic and community activities, serving as 4-H advisors, hosting foreign exchange students and serving as work-study program mentors for Navajo Indians. After rearing her sons, Alice Warnock resumed her education and earned a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University at age 77. A leader in an effort to preserve the Sumpter natatorium, later the Oregon Trail Regional Museum, she served many years on the museum board. In her 50s, she took up painting and became a well-known local water colorist. In 1995, she was named the Legacy Woman of the Year by the Baker County Chamber of Commerce. The Warnocks had been married 73 years when she died at age 94 at Baker City, Baker County, Ore., on Aug. 16, 2002. Warnock died at age 96 on Aug. 15, 2003, Baker City. They are bur. in Blue Mountain Cemetery, Sumpter. Their children were Daniel Robert Warnock Jr., who married Joanne Armbruster, and Edward Warnock.

viii. MARY ELIZABETH (MOLLIE) WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born May 5, 1862, in Jay Co., Ind., and died April 22, 1931, at Klamath Falls, Ore. She married 1) Oct. 9, 1881, Wallowa Co., Ore., Luther Guy Perkins, son of Harmon and Cornelia (Dwinnell) Perkins. Born Aug. 14, 1860, at Waupaca, Portage Co., Wis., he died Jan. 18, 1947, at Central Point, Jackson Co., Ore. After their divorce, Mollie Perkins married 2) ____ Johnson. They lived at Ashcraf t, British Columbia. She married 3) William B. Miller. Luther Perkins married 2) March 2, 1900, Eagle Valley, Union Co., Ore., Rosa Nell (Nellie) Anson, and 3) after 1918, Katie E., maiden name unknown. Issue of Luther and Mollie (Warnock) Perkins:

CORNELIA (NELIA) PERKINS (1882-1979), born July 7, 1882, Joseph, Wallowa County, Ore.; married July 2, 1903, Wallowa County, Elza Hartsook (____-1959), who died July 7, 1959, Umatilla County, Ore. She died in January, 1979, at Coeur D’Alene, Kootenai County, Idaho.

LUTHER HARMON PERKINS (1884-1969), born Oct. 31, 1884, Wallowa County; married 1) Feb. 11, 1903, Wallowa County, Myrtle B. Bare (1884-____), born in Colorado and the daughter of Isaac R. Bare, one daughter divorced; married 2) Dec. 25, 1929, Klamath Falls, Klamath County, Ore., Blanche Henrietta (Coppock) Landreth (1896-1982), born at San Francisco on April 27, 1896, and a daughter of Milo Finda and Alice Norah (Sans) Coppock. Blanche (Coppock) Landreth first married William J. Landreth on Aug. 3, 1919, in Modoc County, Ore., and they had three daughters – Wilma Alice Landreth (1920-2000); Alma Mae Landreth (1921-1923) and Eleanor Rose Landreth (1927-1987). By her second husband, she had six children, of whom only two sons reached maturity. The Perkinses resided at Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho. He died April 3, 1969, Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho, and his widow died Dec. 3, 1982, Puyallup, Pierce County, Wash. Both are buried in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Nampa. Sons of Luther Harmon Perkins and Blanche Henrietta (Coppock) Landreth were Charles Edward Perkins, who married 1) Wilma Daniels, 2) Margaret Louise Anderson and 3) Edith Shirley Fettes, and Dan Allen Perkins, who married Anita Mary Pratt.

6MERCIE E. PERKINS (1888-1966), born Joseph, Wallowa County; probably married 1) in Wallowa County June 2, 1904, Charles Crumley; married 2) about 1908 ____ Jeffries. She died March, 1966, Sacramento, Calif.

ix. RUHAMA EDITH WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born April 14, 1864, in Jay Co., Ind., and died July 16, 1941, at Grass Valley, Nevada Co., Calif. She married John Viet, born March 30, 1858, at Springfield, Ill., and died March 5, 1925, at Monrovia, Calif. They resided in Wallowa and Lincoln counties, Ore., and in California. Fo r a time, Viet operated a general store at Eddyville, Ore. After his death, Ruhama Viet married 2) ____ Hunt. Issue and John and Ruhama (Warnock) Viet:

HARRY LOUIS VIET (1879-1956), born Oct. 8, 1879, Wallowa County; married 1) Lincoln County, Ore., Lilla Gertrude Floyd (1890-1911), born March 21, 1890, Melette, Spink County, S.D. She died Nov. 24, 1911, Eddyville, Ore. He married 2) Feb. 7, 1912, Mamie Jones, and after their divorce 3) Lulu Coe. Viet operated general stores at Eddyville and Worden, Ore. He died at Los Angeles, Calif., on Sept. 3, 1956. His children were Almira and William Viet.

6ROBERT WILLIAM VIET (1885-1961), born Wallowa County, July 25, 1885; married Oct. 7, 1907, to Ethel Iva McDillen (1866-1973), born in Oregon in October 1866. Her surname also is given as McDulen. Viet died Oct. 2, 1961, Portland, Multnomah County, Ore. His widow died March 30, 1973, Clackamas County, Ore. Their children were Ethel Doris Viet, who married Marvin Samuel Rodda; Lyle W. Viet, who married Frances ____, and Gladys E. Viet, who died young.

6JON CHARLES VIET (1890-1972), born Dec. 23, 1890; married 1) May 9, 1917, Zada Van Winkle (1891-1954), born July 31, 1891, Oregon, daughter of Icaas and Nellie (Kralman) Van Winkle. She died Nov. 13, 1 954, Sacramento, Sacramento County, Calif. Viet m. 2) Helena Hinshaw. He died Feb. 5, 1972, Sacramento, Calif. Viet had a son, C. L. Viet, by his first wife.

6PERRY GRANVILL VIET (1893-1959), born Oct. 31, 1893; married July 29, 1915, Ellen Schmidt (1875-1986), born in South Africa on March 25, 1875. He died Jan. 1, 1959, Portland, Ore.; his widow died there at age 111 on Dec. 7, 1986. Their daughters were Gladys Eleanor Viet, who married ____ Bee, and Deloris Laverrne Viet, who married ____ Bauer.

6DAVID ALEXANDER VIET (1898-1941), born Nov. 18, 1898; married April 9, 1925, Edyth Blakeley. Crippled by polio when about 18, Viet still became a candy maker and auto mechanic. He died April 8, 1941. His daughters were Delpha Gloria Viet and Darla Antoinette Viet.

RUHAMA GERTRUDE VIET (1906-1991), born July 21, 1906, Oregon; married Dec. 11, 1925, to Bert L. Eidson (1898-1982), born Dec. 11, 1898, Jonesboro, Ark. A Methodist minister’s son, Eidson was orphaned at age eight. Badly treated in an orphanage and by a farmer to whom he was bound out, he ran away and enlisted in the Navy at age 16. The Eidsons resided at Grass Valley, Calif., where Eidson died Aug. 18, 1982, and his widow died Sept. 22, 1991. Their children were Joan Lee Eidson, wnho married Albert William Butler, and Barbara Dawn Edison, who married Marvin Grady Wilson.

xi. WILLIAM PERRY (BILLY) WARNOCK JR. (William2, Francis1) was born Nov. 6, 1866, in Dickinson Co., Kan., and died Sept. 15, 1951, at Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Ore. He married Lucy Angeline Shields, another daughter of Albert C. and Susannah (Ault) Shields. Born Oct. 27, 1875, in Dickinson Co., Kan., she died April 10, 1950, at Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Ore. They jointly operated a ranch with Warnock’s brother, Alex, who married Lucy (Shields) Warnock’s sister Ellen. They later lived at Imnaha and Enterprise in Wallowa County. Issue:

JAMES ELMER WARNOCK (1891-1961), born Dec. 17, 1891, Imnaha, Wallowa County; married there April 13, 1919, Myrtle Elinore Ownby (1894-1988), born Dec. 18, 1894, Hurricane Creek, Wallowa County, and the daughter of William P. and Margaret/Marguerite (Wright) Ownby. Myrtle (Ownby) Warnock was a teacher. The Warnocks operated ranches on Trail and Grouse creeks. They later moved into Enterprise, where he died on Jan. 7, 1961. His widow died in December, 1988, at Milton-Freewater, Umatilla County, Ore. Their children were James Elmer Warnock Jr.; William Justin Warnock, who married Leona Lyman; Betty Ann Warnock, who married ____ Rutherford; Leland Wesley Warnock; and Kenneth Dale Warnock, who marri ed Inez Scott.

6PERRY ALBERT WARNOCK (1894-1954), born Nov. 29, 1894, Imnaha; married 1) July 26, 1917, Wallowa County, Grace M. Rice (1902-1986), born Sept. 17, 1902, daughter of James K. and Nora (Simmons) Rice, two daughters, divorced; married 2) Aug. 6, 1927, Wallowa County, Merta (Brown) Townsend Cole, one son. Warnock ranched on the home place, at Council and Kooski, Idaho, and at Toledo, Ore. After Merta Warnock’s death, he operated a Wallowa County ranch with his son, Jack. He died in Wallowa County Aug. 7, 1954, and is buried in Enterprise Cemetery. His first wife married 2) Oct. 5, 1947, Eugene B. Mende (1917-____), b. March 15, 1917. They lived at Boise, Idaho. She died in February, 1986, Ada County, Idaho. Warnocks daughters by his first wife were Mildred Grace Warnock, who married 1) Anderson Marquess and 2) William Clark Bailey, and Lea Doris Warnock, who married 1) Milton LaFay, who died at Pearl Harbor, and 2) Michael L. Blais. His son by his second wife was Jack T. Warnock.

HARRY EARL WARNOCK (1897-1958), born Feb. 16, 1897, Imnaha; served in Army in France, World War I; married 1) Dec. 15, 1917, Wallowa County, Belva Hamilton and 2) April 4, 1920, Wallowa County, Vaunie Elena Thompson (1901-1998), born Aug. 11, 1901, Wallowa County, daughter of Mark and Mabel (Creasey) Thompson. The Warnocks, who adopted Fred Warnock, ranched in Wallowa County and southern Oregon. In 1941, they moved to Enterprise, where he died April 21, 1958. His widow died there on March 16, 1998.

JESSE OSCAR WARNOCK (1898-1968), born Nov. 3, 1898, Imnaha; served in France with the Army, World War I; married July 1, 1922, Wallowa Lake, to Hazel Amney Maxwell (1901-1995), born July 1, 1901, Wallowa County, daughter of James Henry (Todd) and Lillie May (Fisk) Maxwell. They lived on the home ranch until moving into Imnaha in 1925. Warnock worked at the Bailey Maxwell store, which he bought on Jan. 1, 1926. He also was Imnaha’s postmaster from 1926 to 1943. His wife was a teacher who succeeded her husband as postmaster and served until 1963. Warnock later operated a hardware store and service station. He died Aug. 24, 1968, Enterprise. Hazel Warnock died March 3, 1995, Seaview, Pacific County, Wash. They are buried in Prairie Creek Cemetery, Wallowa County. Their daughters are LaNita Mae Warnock, who married 10 Orlan Patten Teel, and 2) Fred John Flowers, and Janis Lee Warnock, who married Keith W. Wortman.

VERNON ERNEST WARNOCK (1900-1975), born Dec. 11, 1900, Joseph; married 1) Dec. 26, 1920, Enterprise, Lennie Rue Whitmore (1900-1972), daughter of William Carl and Sarah Elizabeth (Basim) Whitmore, two children, divorced; married 2) Oct. 8, 1930, Joy Hays Morrison (1912-1985), born May 22, 1912, daughter of Lloyd E. Morrison and Josie Irene (Zumwalt) Hays. Warnock lived on the home ranch and operated an Imnaha store. He and his son Freilan raced thoroughbreds. Before retiring to Asotin, Wash., the Warnocks operated a Coos Bay (Ore.) trailer court and a Pomeroy (Wash.) laundromat. He died June 15, 1975; she died Dec. 14, 1985, Lewiston, Idaho. Both are buried at Enterprise. Rue Warnock died at Joseph, Wallowa County, on July 29, 1972. Warnock’s children are Freilan Carl Warnock, who married Helen Marie Reece; and Amy Rue Warnock, who married Stanley Shelby (Buck) Gent.

NINA ETTA WARNOCK (1902-1998), born Oct. 4, 1902, Imnaha; married Oct. 2, 1930, Los Angeles, Sumner E. Klove (1901-1990), born April 24, 1901, son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Klove. A Juilliard School of Music trained violinist, Nina Klove played for the Glendale (Calif.) Symphony. Klove was an architect. After he retired in 1963, they moved to Sun City, Calif. Klove died March 23, 1990. His widow died Nov. 27, 1998, Walla Walla, Wash.

RITA AGNES WARNOCK (1907-2003), born March 4, 1907, Joseph; married April 23, 1934, Wallowa County, Ernest M. Collingsworth (1903-1937), son of Daniel Boone and Charlotte Collingsworth. In 1939 in Wallowa County, she married 2) Frank Herbert Reavis (1900-1980), born April 22, 1900, son of Frank A. and Anna (Smith) Reavis, a World War I veteran and Mt. Emily Lumber Co. employee. Collingsworth is buried in the Enterprise Cemetery, Reavis in Prairie Creek Cemetery. Rita Reavis died on July 1, 2003, at College Park, Wash. Her only child is Charlotte Collingsworth, who married Ronald Parsons;

xi. ROBERT NELSON WARNOCK (William2, Francis1) was born Oct. 6, 1868, at Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kan., and died Feb. 26, 1941, at Oswego, Ore. At Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Ore., he married 1) Lilly Graves, daughter of Lysander Graves. His obituary (Enterprise Record Chieftain, March 13, 1941) indicates he was a stockman “who ran cattle in the valleys and canyons” and operated a photo studio at Enterpri se. He married 2) at Lebanon, Ore., Daisy (Neal) Wood, daughter of Moses Neal, who was born in 1879 in Oregon. He married 3) Sedama (Sadie) Knyiston (or Kenniston), born about 1883. His obituary says he “went to western Oregon 35 years ago,” or about 1906, and followed various occupations, including operating “a taxi in Portland for a dozen years.” He had a daughter by his first wife, four daughters and a son by his second wife and a daughter by his third wife. Issue:

CLARICE WARNOCK (1891-1958), born April 1, 1891, Oregon; m. ____ Scully; died Jan. 31, 1958, Marin County, Calif.



LULU WARNOCK (about 1905-____)

ROBERT L. WARNOCK (about 1906-____)

AUDREY WARNOCK (about 1907-____)

OPAL WARNOCK (about 1909-____), m. ____ Thornton; res. Westland, Ore.

FOOTNOTE: This article first appeared in Connections: The Hoosier Genealogist, published by the Indiana Historical Society. Information in this expanded version, posted here by permission of the author, William Du Bois Jr. of Mooresville, Morgan County, Ind., may be used at will. A retired marketing and public relations executive for the statewide Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana system, the author is a great-great-great grandson of William Cline and his second wife, Jane Woten. Du Bois exhaustively researched the family of Francis and Sarah (Cline) Warnock as part of a larger effort to identify Cline’s descendants. He welcomes e-mail queries ( about the Warnocks, Clines and related families and will respond to all inquiries.


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  1. I am a descendant of Levi Warnock. Anna Laura Freeman was my grand mother. She married Louis JACOB Mills. My father was Elmer Louis Mills who married my mother JO ANN Markley.


    Terry Mills
    401 Maple St. Liberty, MO 64068

  2. This is fabulous!! A couple of corrections: It was Robert L. Warnock who died in 1941, not his father Robert Nelson Warnock. his first daughter was called Clarice and she went by the nickname Cressie according to my great grandfather’s dictated memoir. I have been finding conflicting birth dates and names with Clarice and Cressie so it is possible he had another child and as he aged he made some revisions to his history. Robert L. Warnocks wife just celebrated her 100th b-day and their history is frequently altered.

  3. Oops, just checked some other stuff. Robert Nelson did die in 1941 and he only had one daughter with his first wife. Clarice and Cressy are one and rye same.

  4. Lots of fun to read! I am descended from Lilla (Lilly) Gertrude Floyd Veit’s Sister. Lilla’s actual place of death was Portland, Multnomah, OR. Her husband is listed as “Harry”, but I have only seen him as Henry. The children listed as being Henry’s are actually his step-children.

  5. Hello: I am researching a Reformed Presbyterian clergy that once was at Winchester, Jefferson County, Kansas; possibly from 1920-1945. He had family in Illinois. Can anyone substaniate this famiy legend? Thanks, Frank

  6. What a wonderful Site. My late husband was Freilan Carl Warnock Jr. He was born January 10, 1948 in Portland Oregon he passed away November 1, 2008 in Echo Oregon. He is the son of Freilan Carl Warnock Sr. and Helen Marie Reece Warnock. JR has two children and one Grandaughter. His daughter Sheri Lynn Warnock was born February 10, 1970 in Tacoma Washington. His son is Steven Carl Warnock born in Baker Oregon September 13, 1975. Sheri has a daughter Shae-Lee Marie Arbogast born in Pendleton Oregon May 5, 1993. Steven now lives in Lexington Oregon. Sheri and Shae-Lee both live in Pendleton.

  7. Hello. My father’s (Bernard Carl Lee) mother’s family (Tomberlin) was part of the Warnock clan. Grandma (Clarice) Irene Tomberlin was such a fun loving, Christian woman who always caught her limit of trout fly fishing. I wonder if anyone knows when the Warnock’s arrived in the US, how, and from where (somewhere in Ireland)?

  8. My grandfather was Melvin Lee Warnock his parents names are Samuel leo Warnock and Jimmie Lee Taylor. I didn’t see a connection from what you have but I just started my family tree maybe I will find it. The information was very interesting.

  9. Levi warnock great great grandfather. Theodore and phoebie warnock steinbruck great grandparent’s. Norman and Ruth Steinbruck grandparent’s. Waneta Steinbruck mother.
    Know a lot of the decendents that are around the Dickenson, Clay and Dickenson Co. Area.
    Enjoyed the whole thing. Explaned alot of graves in the Greenridge cemetery

  10. Looking for Doug (son of Earl Richard Warnock)and Thelma Warnock’s children: Karen, David, Darell and Kathy. I was their teacher for one year at Buck Meadows Elementary School…a one-room school near Yosemite. We had lunch at the Capitol in Sacramento with Gov. Reagan, November 9, 1967.
    I’ll be crossing my fingers that I hear from one of you. Wonderful memories.
    You can see your picture on that journal. ;-D

    • Hi Debbie!!

      So crazy to see your post here! I have very found memories of our one room school. Would love to hear from you! Three of us live in Oregon and Darell is in N CA. Have always wondered where you ended up.

      Kathy your kindergartener (who has grey hair now)

      • I haven’t looked at this site for months and months and something made me open it today.
        What a thrill!!!
        Kathy with grey hair! Imagine. I picture you all as Kindergarten, 3rd, 5th and 7th graders! Hope all of you are well and happy and enjoying life’s blessings. Much love to you all.

  11. wow its pretty neat to see iam part of the warnock clan my names dale eugene warnock son of donald charles warnock and lisa pearl wise of passiondale victoria austrailia my father was born and raised in brookings oregon was a logger raced stock cars in tri citties lewiston id living in annatone washington dad built hbrougis sawmill there we logged troy ore on the rattle snake grade emenaha pataha ground round river palouse river colfax had the bar resteraunt in wieippe id i miss my popps he was an early 55 when he passed away in oroville calif he was a hard working selt made man thankyou for the siteinteresting dad was from around these mentioned areas

  12. Clinton O. Warnock 1976
    Richard O. Warnock 1953
    John O. Warnock 1923-2015
    William O. Warnock 1893-1959
    Amon B. Warnock 1853-1915
    Levi K. Warnock 1822-1908
    Francis Warnock 1801-1883

  13. My name is William Perry Warnock, named after my great great grandfather William Perry Warnock. This is a valuable well written piece of family history. Thanks for such a wonderful write up!!! I’ll make sure to spread this piece to other members of the family, and to any other Wallowa County Warnocks I meet along the way. Cheers!

  14. A lot of good information on family trees. I am just old enough to remember my Great Grandparents William Perry Jr. and Lucy.

  15. This is wonderful information!!! My Mom, Elaine, was Ollie Crader’s s/daughter — her Mom was Helen Dustin. My husband and I live in Colfax, Washington.

  16. Great information. My mother, Betty Ann Warnock Rutherford, daughter of James Elmer Warnock and Myrle Ownby Warnock died on January 17, 2018. She was married for 63 years to Bruce Rutherford. Her children are Susan Kathleen Muller living in Richland, WA; Gregory Bruce Rutherford living in Chewelah, WA and John William Rutherford living in Pullman, WA where Bruce and Betty lived for most of their adult life. Her internment will be June 23, 2018 at the Rutherford family plot in the Enterprise, OR cemetery. The B&B in Enterprise is the former home of Lucy and William Warnock, my great-grandparents.

    • Enjoy looking at all the comments from relatives. Thanks, Gary, for keeping Imnaha’s memories alive. William Perry and Lucy were also my great grandparents but they had passed before I was born. I was lucky to be raised at Imnaha and went to the same one room School/church that my grandfather and mother attended.

  17. “CHARLES W. WARNOCK (1885-1965), born Wallowa County; married Wilma G. ___ , born 1901, Oklahoma; resided in Idaho. Warnock died in January, 1965, Florida. Their only known child was a son, Charles Dwight Warnock” is inaccurate, unless there were two Charles Warnock’s during that timeframe.
    You may mean:
    Charles Lee Warnock (1892-1961) born Chapman, Kansas; married Wilma Ethyl Thornton, 7 Aug 1927 in Enterprise, Oregon. Resided on the Imnaha River, died in Joseph, Oregon. Their children were:
    Thornton Grant Warnock (1930-2017)
    Vera Pauline Warnock (1928-2004)
    Charlene M.(Warnock) MacManiman (1933-)
    Edward Neil Warnock (1939-)

    • Charles and Dan were popular names for the Warnocks. Charles L. Warnock is mentioned in the article. There is a Charles E. Warnock buried in Florida with the same years of birth and death.

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